Brian Farley Memorial

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Video interview with the race winner available by clicking here

Three-time Australian Clubman Champion Jason Hryniuk won the Brian Farley Memorial event for the second time in five years at Sydney’s Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway on the weekend.

Nick Agland was the pacesetter throughout the weekend in his Tony Kart but in the pre-final he was pressured the entire distance by CRG driver Jaie Robson, who won the top 15 reverse grid heat three earlier in the day. Agland held on to greet the chequered flag first in the pre-final, only to be handed a ten second penalty for a starting infringement that dropped him to 13th in the standings.

Above: Jason Hryniuk leading Troy Farley during the weekend's event.
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Kosmic Racing New South Wales driver Matthew Waters finished third ahead of Nathan Tigani.
With the track still wet from a storm early in the afternoon, there was plenty of action at the start of the 20-lap final. Unfortunately for Agland, his day went from bad to worse when he was caught up in a turn one incident which ended the race for him and three others.

Waters led the early running but it was CRG driver Jason Hryniuk who made the most of the changeable conditions to move to the front on lap five. Shayne Piper followed him through into second place.

As the race continued Hryniuk used all of his experience to open a handy buffer over Piper, who was passed by his younger protégé Joseph Mawson with six laps remaining.

Piper’s race came to an end shortly after with a snapped chain, elevating Robson into third place. However, disappointment was to come for Robson when he was given a mechanical defect flag, and subsequently a black flag for disobeying the mechanical defect flag, for a broken chain guard.

Above: Jason Hryniuk (right) and Joseph Mawson
pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

While Mawson, who qualified 38th on Saturday, closed in on Hryniuk it wasn’t enough and the experienced campaigner held on to cross the line eight kart-lengths clear of Mawson.

Thomas Macdonald claimed third in the kart prepared by Reg Varley, he was followed by Kosmic Racing NSW driver Matthew Waters and Nathan Tigani.

1. #45 Jason Hryniuk
2. #96 Joseph Mawson
3. #10 Thomas Macdonald
4. #13 Matthew Waters
5. #6 Nathan Tigani

To view further images and a video interview with Jason Hryniuk please click here.

Above: Brian Farley's son Troy cuts the ribbon to 're-open' the Eastern Creek track
pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

Clubman Super Heavy
The leading pair of David Endres and Ben Piper diced it out for the duration of the Clubman Super Heavy final. Endres led for the entire distance and despite Piper’s best effort to launch his CRG kart on the final turn, the Arrow kart driver held on for the win by 0.039 of a second. Nigel Stones crossed the line in third place.
Top Five
1. #22 David Endres
2. #26 Ben Piper
3. #90 Nigel Stones
4. #34 Craig Ryan
5. #3 Jarrod Cowan

The opening half of the Rookies final was a two-way affair between Cody Brewczynski and Jessie Attard. However, as this pair diced it out it allowed their opposition to close in and make it a five-way battle at the half way mark. Thomas Krtevski and Anthony Wiskich came together with a handful of laps remaining, which eliminated the latter.
Over the final few laps, Brewczynski made the most of his speed to take the win ahead of Kyle Bonser. Thomas Steele crossed the line third. Attard crossed the line fourth, but came in 100grams under the minimum weight and was subsequently excluded from the results. After crossing the line fourth, Krtevski was later excluded for his part in the incident with Wiskich.
Top Five
1. #18 Cody Brewczynski
2. #16 Kyle Bonser
3. #88 Thomas Steele
4. #35 Carey Alexander
5. #59 Travis Lichtenberger

Junior Clubman
After a false start, the Junior Clubman field returned to the pit area and their second attempt was halted by a red flag due to an incident at the top end of the circuit. Following another couple of false starts, the race finally got underway.
Stephan Stankovic was shadowed by Dimitri Agathos for the majority of the race, before Agathos took over the front running just prior to light rain falling on the circuit with three laps remaining. The rain got significantly heavier over the remaining to laps but Agathos held on for the win. Dylan Shepherd, Jake Coleman and Anthony Gamouf enjoyed a close battle for the minor positions.
Top Five
1. #66 Dimitri Agathos
2. #10 Stefan Stankovic
3. #4 Dylan Shepherd
4. #14 Jake Coleman
5. #53 Anthony Gamouf

Wright Karts driver Benito Montalbano appeared as though he would finish the weekend with a clean sweep in the Cadets category but Zac Raddatz had other ideas. The pair raced nose-to-tail over the final few laps, unfortunately, the pair appeared to come together exiting the final turn which left Montalbano to watch from the sidelines. Raddatz crossed the line clear of Thomas Sargent with Brodie Whitmore third.
Top Five
1. #10 Zac Raddatz
2. #47 Thomas Sargent
3. #57 Brodie Whitmore
4. #82 Travis Worton
5. #62 Tommy Harradine

pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

Senior National
Matthew Collins made the most of his front row start to take the lead on a rain soaked circuit in the Senior National final. Dean O’Brien then showed superior wet weather pace to take over the front running to drive off into the distance. Collins finished second ahead of Andrew Mitchell, who started from ninth position.
Top Five
1. #53 Dean O’Brien
2. #3 Matthew Collins
3. #85 Andrew Mitchell
4. #13 Matthew Waters
5. #5 Brayden Pritchard

Sportsman 125
After failing to finish the pre-final Michael Saller charged from the rear of the field in the final of the Sportsman 125 category to claim a comprehensive victory in extremely wet conditions.
Top Five
1. #8 Michael Saller
2. #20 Dimitri Kozlinski
3. #91 Craig Stauner
4. #31 Tony Bregonje
5. #16 Mathew Nipperess

TaG Restricted
It was a case of survival for the TaG Restricted competitors as they tackled the difficult wet conditions in the Final.
Jack Richardson left the field behind as he waded his way to victory, such was Richardson’s pace that he lapped all but seven of the 23 starters. Behind daylight in second came Mitchell Bennett ahead of Michael Sieders.
Top Five
1. #48 Jack Richardson
2. #65 Mitchell Bennett
3. #10 Michael Sieders
4. #7 Beau Levy
5 #19 Matthew Villari

Junior National
In his first major meeting since graduating from the Rookies ranks, Jayden Ojeda led the way during the early running of the Junior National final ahead of James Abela. Andreas Chronis held down third position before slipping wide on lap four allowing Torey Blanch and Dimitri Agathos past. This then evolved into a five-way battle for third place while Ojeda and Abela exchanged the lead. When Ojeda ran wide with six laps remaining it allowed Agathos to move into second place. While Ojeda, Agathos and others battled for the minor positions it allowed Abela to open a gap. In the closing stages, Ojeda closed the gap to finish within one kart-length of the eventual winner.
Top Five
1. #5 James Abela
2. #31 Jayden Ojeda
3. #66 Dimitri Agathos
4. #15 James Duckworth
5. #6 Andreas Chronis

Above: James Abela (#5), Dimitri Agathos (#66) and Jayden Ojeda (#31) battling it out in Junior National.

The full results are uploaded on the CM:S System Click Here then select NSW and the North Shore Kart Club followed by the Brian Farley Memorial event.

Above: Hryniuk with the Brian Farley Memorial Perpetual Trophy
pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

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pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix

pic - Pam Mathews/PamsPix