2012 Kings of KZ2

press release

Kings of KZ2 series is as follows for this year:

Points will accumulate across these selected events for the Kings of KZ series. Tyres will be Dunlop DES as per CIK rules. Final round at CIK Todd Rd will be based on the results in Final 2. You can drop your worst round and all rounds will strictly follow the CIK rules.

  • Rd 1 Winton 13 May http://www.superkartsvictoria.com, - OVERALL POINTS
  • Rd 2 Geelong Open meeting, 1st July - FINAL ONLY COUNTS
  • Rd 3 Todd Rd City of Melbourne, 11/12 August - FINAL ONLY COUNTS
  • Rd 4 Pucka Golden Power Series, 10/11 Nov - FINAL ONLY COUNTS
  • Rd 5 Todd Rd CIK Rd 5, 22/23 Sept - FINAL 2 ONLY COUNTS


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