Death of the Carburettor – Karting’s Fuel-Injected Future?

There is an interesting article on the website, "Death of the Carburettor – Karting’s Fuel-Injected Future!", about future engine technologies for karting.

According to, Italian engineering firm Athena has recently developed a direct injection system for 2-stroke engines (this is where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber rather than the inlet port, and is typically controlled by an engine management system). The company says they have found more power with 50% less fuel consumption and 50% less emissions.

Rotax already this the direct-injection technology in the market place with the Envirude E-TEC system, which has been a huge success on ski-doo and outboard engines.

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Interestingly, Australian engine manufacturer ARC was involved in some of the development of direct injection via former ties with the Orbital Engine Company. Back in 2002, ARC was confident that in the coming years, direct injection would be fitted to their 100cc kart engines...

Above: YouTube clip giving an overview of Rotax's Ski-Doo E-TEC engine technology