Lotus Chassis For U18 World Championship

This is the chassis that Lotus will be using in the Under 18 World Championships this year. Part of the Lotus Motorsport division, the factory backed team will compete under the ‘Lotus Racing Karts’ banner and will be operated by Jefra Racing out of its headquarters in Italy.

lotus kart chassis under 18 world championship
pic - Lotus Racing Karts

The kart is made of 30mm chrome-moly tube (there is also a 32mm version) with 9 homologated bends, 104cm wheelbase and 50mm axle supported by three bearings. It’s got a 4-piston brake calliper, front and rear adjustable torsion bars and fitted with KG plastics. Front width: 710mm, rear width: 640mm.

Lotus also announced that the top three drivers aboard Lotus chassis in the 2012 U18 World Championship will be rewarded with a fully-sponsored Formula Monza test with the Lotus Formula Juniors team and a go in Lotus’ F1-inspired Type 125 customer car, plus a two-day test with the Lotus Racing Karts team and a tour of the Group Lotus factory and facilities in England.

Above: Lotus Racing Karts' satellite team preparing machines for the All Japan KF1 Championships
pic - Lotus/facebook


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