WSK Master Series Kicks Off At La Conca This Weekend

press release

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The new karting season by WSK Promotion is starting in Muro Leccese. Indeed, the first of the three-round WSK Master Series numbering well over 250 registered drivers from all over the world is scheduled at La Conca International Circuit, from 1 to 4 March.

Season’s start with the international karting. The WSK Master Series show is presenting at La Conca the top classes KZ1 and KZ1 in the front row, and KF2 and KF3 in addition to 60 Mini. These classes will liven up the Series that after the event in Muro Leccese will travel from the north to the south of Italy, stopping first in Sarno (Italy, SA) and then in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Italy, PV) where this first part of the year will come to a close, on April 1. The pursuit of such a prestigious goal brings to a considerable number of drivers entering the series, as the first figures in 2012 show: there is a considerable entry for the series despite the fact that the new international regulations narrow the opportunity for 60 Mini young drivers to compete abroad.

Above: A KF3 start at La Conca

Start in style with all the international manufacturers. Thanks to its international status, the WSK Master Series is the natural spread of the WSK Euro Series. The latter will continue 2012 calendar with five events from April up to August spread between France, Italy and Spain: the European Series will be therefore the crucial point in the season and it just relies on the WSK Master Series, to secure a launch start. For this reason, the chase for the early wins in 2012 represents a very important challenge for the international manufacturers and teams choosing to attend the WSK series this year too. There will be therefore AB Motorsport, ART Grand Prix, AVG Racing, Baby Race, Birel Motorsport, BRM Racing, Chiesa Corse, CKR, CKS, Comer Top Kart, CRG, CRG Holland, DFR, DR Racing Kart, Emilia Kart, Energy Corse, FA Team GR, Formula K, Forza Racing, Galiffa Kart, Gamoto, Genikart, Giambo Racing Kart, GM Motorsport, Hemet Racing, Intrepid Driver Program, Jolly Team, Joka Kart Team, Kartprom, Kartshop Ampfing, Kartronix International, Keijzer Racing, Kerastas Corse, Kosmic Racing Dept., LH Racing Team e LH Italia, Luxor Racing Team, Maranello Kart, Millennium Motorsport, Morsicani Racing, MRM, Pacitto Racing Kart, Praga Kart Racing, Praga Sumako Team, Race Richard, Red Racing, RK Racing Team, Ricky Flynn Motorsport, Road & Racing, RTM, Scuderia PCR, Sean GP, Sined Motorsport, Spirit, Taglienti Kart, TB Motorsport, Team Komarov, Tony Kart Racing Team, Urban Fast, Ward Racing.