AKA Participation Rates: 2010 Vs 2011

AKA press release


  • Overall the National Participation rate has fallen by a slender 1.26% (or 569 competitors across a 12 month period) when comparing 2011 to 2010.  This could be classed as a strong result given the economic uncertainty and natural disasters that Australians have faced during the year.
  • The Clubman category still remains as the Association’s most participated category with 9632 competitors taking to the circuit during 2011 followed by Junior National with 8309.  Interestingly enough, the entry-level TaG Restricted category is the nation’s third most participated category with 5049 entries (up by 12.50%) taking over from the Midgets (4490) category.
  • The CIK Stars of Karting Series categories, Open Performance, Junior Rotax, Sportsman 125, TaG 100 and TaG Restricted all enjoyed a genuine increase in participation throughout the year.



  • While it has got the lowest base to start with, the Northern Territory has experienced the largest percentage increase of all States and Territories with an increase of 38.53% in it’s participation rate.
  • Despite not having an operational circuit in it’s largest population base of Sydney for the second half of the year, there was still a slender increase in the participation rate (1.55%) across New South Wales when comparing 2011 to 2010.
  • After starting the year slowly with many of their tracks, and members, affected by natural disasters, Queensland enjoyed some strong numbers during the second half of the year to finish on par with the national average with a slight decrease of 1.59%
  • South Australia’s numbers have been boosted by a significant increase in the TaG Restricted category with the participation rate in this category almost doubling the year prior.
  • In Tasmania, it appears as though the take up of the TaG concept is working with increases in the participation rates for both the 125cc TaG and 125cc TaG Restricted categories.  This is however, offset by a decrease in the participation rate in the Clubman category.
  • Victoria has experienced the largest drop in participation rate of all states with a 6.14% decrease across the 12 months.  A significant number of this participation decrease seems to be in the Clubman and Junior National categories
  • Western Australia enjoyed a slight increase in participation with 145 more competitors taking to the circuit across the 12-month period.  This increase may be due to the fact that the National Championships were held in the state.



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