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North Shore Club Series, Round 2

press release

For some time NSKC has not run a 2 day race meeting on a normal club day. In an effort to reward the members for staying with the club over the last year NSKC decided to offer a 2 day race meeting. This would give the members and guests extra laps, shorter day and better value for money.

On Saturday, roughly 120 karters were greeted with a gorgeous day and 9 classes would be hitting the track.

Big fields in the popular TaG Restricted classes turned up and it was TaG R light that hit the track first.

TaG R Light :
1st : Kyle SANDONA      0:43.623
2nd : GEORGE EL HAZOURI 0:43.666  
3rd : CLINTON BALDOCK   0:43.898

Kyle Sandona the veteran of the TaG Restricted class once again took the win and the gossop around the pits is that after some 3 years in TaG R  he will soon be making the move to TaG Open. Although the rest of the field has made ground on him most notably George Al Hazouri.

Junior Nat Heavy :
1st : Dimitri AGATHOS   0:46.780
2nd : MITCHELL KENNEDY 0:46.662
3rd : ANTHONY GAMAUF    0:47.031

Kosmic Racing NSW driver Dimitri Agathos put in a dominant display taking all before him in JNH winning the final be over 4 seconds to a muched improved Mitch Kennedy.

nskc races
Above: Junior National Heavy, Anthony Gamauf on the front row. He would take 3rd in the final
pic - Pam Mathews

Senior National and O40' National :
1st : Darren HARRIS             0:47.373
2nd : Matthew PRITCHARD       0:47.378  
3rd : Sarah COLLINS             0:47.452

Nail biting stuff in this race with Harris getting the win over Pritchard Sarah Colling returned to racing and beat her brother home to grab 3rd.

1st : IAIN THORNTON     0:48.582
2nd :       Bruce GENTLE      0:48.634
3rd :       MAURICE PIPER     0:49.130

The over 40 boys ran with the Senior National field with Thornton getting home over the ever present Gentle, Piper grabbed a very well deserved 3rd.

TaG Restricted Heavy :
1st : Beau LEVY       0:44.331
2nd : WAYNE BOWER     0:44.016
3rd : Kris MATICH     0:44.676 

Beau Levy drove a great race in the final and held off a very fast Wayne Bower, Matich claimed 3rd in a solid effort. The rumor around the pits is Bower will soon make the jump to TaG open. The club would like to extend our well wishes to Jason Rampling who was involved in a nasty crash... Get well soon Jason!

nskc races
Above: TaG Restricted Heavy, Peter Price (68) and Paul Davidson (79) lead the pack
pic - Pam Mathews

Clubman Heavy :
1st : CRAIG THORNTON    0:44.161
2nd : ANDREW ROFFEY     0:44.073
3rd : Ryan REYNOLDS     0:44.238

Craig Thornton stood on the top step in clubman for the first time since making the move from the Senior National class he was kept honest by Roffey the 2 of them fighting all the way till the flag. Reynolds was there to pick up the pieces had they come together but he had to wait until after the flag!

nskc races
Above: Joshua Craig leads Shane Colombrita (81), Clubman Heavy
pic - Pam Mathews

Clubman Super Heavy :
1st : BENJAMIN PIPER    0:45.603
2nd : JEFFREY COOPER    0:45.412
3rd : RON GIEZEKAMP   0:47.422 

The bigger boys ran with Clubman Heavy and Piper pushed very hard to finish up in 7th overall! And first in the super heavy catagory. Cooper was right behind him but ran out of laps to finish the job.

Sportsman light/heavy :
1st :       Aaron COGGER      0:42.122
2nd : MANUEL VELASCO    0:43.223  

Cogger was a dominant force in Sprotsman light smashing the opposition.

1st : Nigel STONES      0:43.018
2nd : MARC BRUNKER      0:42.952
3rd : Rob MANNION       0:43.068

Stones won a gripping sportsman heavy race with Brunker and Mannion snapping at his heels. The sportsman class continues to grow and by the sound of the rumor mill will grow even bigger with some of the Restricted drivers finally ready to make the jump into the big time.

nskc races
Above: Marc Brunker just ahead of Michael Kirwan in Sportsman 125 Heavy, followed by Vic Ry (3).
pic - Pam Mathews

Sunday would see more juniors roll up but the value for money continued with 3 heats pre final and finals of 16 laps!

Junior Clubman ;
1st : Dimitri AGATHOS           0:42.892
2nd : Jake COLEMAN              0:43.147
3rd : Christopher SANDRONE    0:43.215

Everyone was expecting to watch the battle of the two CIK junior stars Kosmics Agathos and CRG's Coleman but Agathos put it on pole with a smoking time of 0:42.736 and was never headed again winning every race his only blemish was not winning the start in 2 of the races but he was in first by the end of the first lap. Coleman was not slow either grabbing second from Tony Karts Sandrone. In a sign of times ahead all 3 boys would of been at the very front of the senior Clubman light.

nskc races
Above: Christopher Sandrone, 3rd in Junior Clubman
pic - Pam Mathews

Cadets :
1st : Lucas LICHTENBERGER     0:48.940
2nd :   TRAVIS WORTON         0:48.752
3rd :   Zachary HEARD         0:48.770

17 Cadets rolled around for the final and these kids sure no how to put on a show. Some of the CIK team bosses where there to watch the next generation of star and from what this reporter hears the phone will be ringing for a few of these kids very soon. Lichtenberger drove with great maturaty to take the win ahead of the very fast Worton (some say he is the next Hamilton) Heard was right there and was also very fast. It must be said that the whole field drove very very well and these kids can hold there heads up very high. Some of the seniors could learn a lesson from them.

nskc races
Above: Cadets class, Peter O'Brien ahead of Mach Ford (40)
pic - Pam Mathews

Junior Nat Light :
1st :       Jayden OJEDA      0:45.944
2nd :   Dimitri AGATHOS 0:45.948
3RD :   Andreas CHRONIS 0:46.143

This was a very tight race Ojeda and Agathos fighting to the death with Ojeda getting the win by a nose cone.

Above: Jackson Black leads Daniel Sayre, JNL
pic - Pam Mathews

Clubman Light :
1st : Ryan ELDRIDGE     0:43.246
2nd : JACOB PARSONS     0:43.302
3rd : JOSHUA HEATH      0:43.297

Eldridge won a some what sombre final after a day of red flags decimated the field Our thoughts go out to Julian CHRETIEN who is recovering in Hospital after a sickening crash with Daniel Holihan that saw both drivers retire.

Rookies :
1st : Cody BREWCZYNSKI 0:47.267
2nd : JESSIE ATTARD     0:47.273
3rd : Jack WINTER       0:47.303                  

More future stars had the talent scouts out with note pads at the ready and what they saw was spectacular Brewczynski and Attard seperated by a mere 0.001 over the line .. Just amazing stuff once again these young stars continue to impress.

nskc races
Above: Jessie Attard (53), Jack Winter (55) and Christopher Davies (13), Rookies
pic - Pam Mathews

We look forward now to Round 3 ....

Full results are on AKA CM:s - Saturday's classes HERE, Sunday's HERE.