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Karting A Family Affair For Battye Clan

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After a frantic six months, the Battye family household will return to resembling somewhat of a normal family home next week – but not before another few 12 hour days are spent at the kart track this weekend.

As Secretary of the Gladstone Kart Club, Jenny Battye has spent no less than 40 hours of her ‘spare time’ preparing for this weekend’s KTEQ Rentals Queensland Karting Championships.

“The preparations really started back in September after we held the Queensland Closed State Championships and it has been almost a second full-time job for me over the past few weeks,” said Battye (right, with family - Gerard, Becca and Sam in kart - pic: Real Deal Media).

“I don’t think there’s been a day in the last month or so that I’ve been in bed before 11pm but that’s what needs to happen to make this event a success.”

Such has been the dedication by Battye, along with Brad Fleetwood and around a dozen other members of the Gladstone Kart Club, her husband Gerard – who also runs the local Two 4 Tuning karting business – has even been doing more of the household chores.

“If I didn’t have the support of my husband I think I’d be lost, along with my kids as well – they’ve been a great help. While it’s been very tiring at times, preparing for this weekend’s event has been a great experience,” said Battye, who’s ‘real job’ is a Psychologist for Education Queensland.

“In saying that thought I’m really looking forward to spending some family time with the kids next week while they’re on holidays.”

The Gladstone Kart Club has 88 racing members, that includes some 37 families, the majority of which are involved in one form or another in this weekend’s championships.

Special guests, including Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers, Local State Member of Parliament Liz Cunningham and four Elected Councillors will be in attendance for a special ceremony on Sunday.