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Wet WSK - Video, Race Lines & Brake Covers

The opening round of the WSK Euro Series took place at Sarno in the wet on the weekend. Some interesting points to note:

Race lines - drivers found more corner speed by hooking their inside wheels over and inside the top edge of the high kerbs. Despite not negotiating a 'classic' race line, the effect - much like a slot car - enabled them to carry more speed through the corner than what the tyres could hold on the asphalt. See the pics and video below.

wet sarno race lines
Above & Below: KZ2 drivers hooking their wheels over the inside edge of the corner kerbs

Brake Covers: It's not uncommon for teams to place a splash gaurd in front of the rear brake disc to help it keep temperature in the wet, as well as prevent debris from getting in the system. CRG has gone one step further, running covers that enclosed the front brakes on Jonathan Thonon's KZ1 kart (below).

pic - CRG

Tkartweb has posted a series of videos from the Sarno meeting on their Youtube channel HERE. Full results etc from the event at

Above: Video of the wet KZ2 heat number 2. Check out the race lines by most of the field on the tight infield corners