Whyalla Club Championships, Round 3

from Dave Camwell

What a magnificent Saturday afternoon of racing, 32 entries across 5 classes made for some exciting racing. Sixteen senior drivers in 3 different classes took to the track, the big field entertained all who were watching, as there were some great overtaking passes and thrills and spills witnessed throughout the day.

Three Cadet drivers took to the track, with the youngest being just 7 years of age (age group ranges from 7-10 years). Adelaide driver Troy Fortanier took out the class win with a borrowed engine from the Camwell Clan, as Troy’s engine expired during the mornings practice. Cooper Jones has continued to improve and gave Troy a run for his money, not allowing Troy to take out a clean sweep. Cooper won 2 of the 5 heats, but a did not finish in the 3rd heat which crushed his chances of a 3rd round win. Girl driver Amy Redjepi finished in 3rd and did not have a great day as she had kart troubles, which was a little disappointing due to travelling from Adelaide with her parents and brother Ben.

Above: All Senior drivers (3 different classes on the track at once) made for some interesting racing
pic - WGKC

The Senior All Powers had 8 contenders with the fastest on track being Dan Tasenan from Port Augusta. Dan had his work cut out for him as he was handicapped at a massive 380mtrs behind the pole sitter. He had to power his unrestricted 125 CRG kart through the field in each of the 5 heats. The 3rd heat proved to be his most successful, with a heat win and the only win for the day, but with consistent racing he managed to accumulate enough points to take out the day. Dan is becoming a favourite in this class as he also won at last month’s meeting.

Brian Maitland managed a 1st heat win, but did not have enough points to take out 1st place; he had to settle for 2nd. Dave Camwell showed that you do not need to win any heats to be able to have a podium finish, sitting 3 points behind second and 5 points behind 1st, he took out 3rd.

Above: Dave Camwell, Dennis Cumerlato and Allan Watt taking it easy before the start of their final
pic - WGKC

The kids running in Junior National put on an excellent showing. Ben Redjepi missed the first heat, came 2nd in the pre-final and won the 2nd, 3rd and final. Even with a missed 1st heat, Ben won on points and took out 1st place. Isabella Cumerlato had an awesome day taking out 2nd place ahead of 3rd place Cameron Wilson by just 1 single point. If Cameron didn’t crash out with his sister Georgina in the 3rd heat, things might have been different. Georgina ended up with her kart on top of her brother. Luckily no one was hurt and both walked away unscathed. Jarred Watson finished 4th and is showing great improvement and will be in the mix when he gets off his ‘P’ plates and has a chance to start at the front of the pack.

Above: Isabella Cumerlato waiting on the grid for her final Junior race
pic - WGKC

Sportsman SA had a great battle between all 5 drivers. Darrol Jones was unfortunate to not take out 1st place, his hopes were shattered with two did not starts as he won the other 3 races, but as racing goes, to win you need to finish and accumulate the points. With 3 points shy of 1st place, it goes to show how close Darrol was to winning, but a consistent Steven Sims who had three 2nd places, a 3rd and a win in the final scored enough points to be on the top of the podium. The smile on his face at the end of the day showed how rewarding Karting can be. Third place with a great drive was awarded to Kade Lawson. I’m sure he was glad to take home a medallion for his efforts as his father sponsored the event. Kade’s brother Karl missed out on a podium finish and equalled 4th with Brian Sampson.

Restricted 125/Clubman Light was won by the fastest man in the class, Neil Schmidt. Neil made it 5 out of 5 wins and also cracked his best lap times to date. Chris Reid’s 2nd place and Neil’s son Paul 3rd tried to stick with him, but to no avail as Neil was super-fast, clocking times of 26.5 seconds a lap. Chris and Paul had a fantastic battle all afternoon, with Chris beating Paul 4 out of the 5 races. Paul claimed 2nd in the final, all points count and he had to settle for 3rd place.

Above: Chris Reid at the start of the standing-start Handicapped race
pic - WGKC

Another class with a straight win clean sweep was Dave Camwell in the Restricted 125/Clubman Heavy class. Dave managed to overcome complete brake failure in 2 of the heats, before rectifying the problem and settled into some good race pace. Two other drivers also experienced brake problems, Paul Beaty and Dennis Cumerlato - definitely something in the air that day. Alan Watt threw his older engine on his kart and dropped well over half a second, to do his fastest times ever. Allan is very close to being right at the pointy end and he hasn’t even been racing for a year yet. Paul Beaty took out 3rd position and had to fight all the way for his win. Some minor adjustments to Paul’s kart saw him improve during the heats and I am sure he will be on his game and up the front next meeting.

Above: Kade Lawson leading Stephen Sims, Bev Watson, Chris Reid and Dave Camwell
pic - WGKC

Results (full results on AKA timing HERE):

Restricted 125/Clubman light
1st Neil Schmidt
2nd Chris Reid
3rd Paul Schmidt
Restricted 125/Clubman Heavy
1st Dave Camwell
2nd Alan Watt
3rd Paul Beaty
Sportsman SA heavy 160kg
1st Stephen Sims
2nd Darrol Jones
3rd Kade Lawson
Junior National
1st Ben Redjepi
2nd Isabella Cumerlato
3rd Cameron Wilson
1st  Troy Fortantier
2nd Cooper Jones
3rd Amy Redjepi
Senior all Powers
1st Dan Tasenan
2nd Brian Maitland
3rd Dave Camwell

Many thanks goes to our 3rd round sponsor Topz Shopz Deli, the Club would also like to thank all the support staff for the running of the meeting.

Grid Marshall- Frank Baker
Lap Scorer- Jeremy Head
Time Keeper- John Bachman
Weigh Marshall- Roy Davenport
Chief Steward- Richard Davies
Canteen Manager- Kerri Pitman
Flag Marshall- Dean Shepard
Race day set up chief- Dennis Cumerlato

Above: Adam Baker after loosing his nose cone in the Restricted Heavy heat 3 race
pic - WGKC

Anyone interested in Karting, racing or not, can come out to our 2nd of June Open Meeting and check out what Karting has to offer. The Club has no problem in letting people into the pit area, just stay away from the in and out grid, but don’t worry as the friendly Whyalla Go Kart people will point you in the right direction.

If you can’t make it on the 2nd of June or can’t wait that long, then go see Neil Schmidt at Inspiration Paints on Norrie Avenue, he will gladly assist anyone interested in Karting.

Regards the Whyalla Go Kart Club

Above: Isabella Cumerlato and Cameron Wilson in Juniors
pic - WGKC

Above: Dan Tasenan #35 side by side with Brian Maitland #26 with Dave Camwell #78 just behind
pic - WGKC

Above: Neil Schmidt, Dave Camwell, Paul Beaty and Dan Tasenan in the Senior class races
pic - WGKC


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