Golden Power Series, Round 2

by Simon Costello

The 2nd round of the Golden Power Series was held at the Rochester Kart Club and was well supported with 262 entries in 16 Classes. While Rochester is the smallest club on the Power Series circuit, it never fails to produce a great meeting with plenty of exciting passing moves available on the pristine elevated track. The weather was crisp in the mornings warming up to fine during the afternoons.

Junior National Light was the first out the gate and heat 1 was the prelude to some great racing all weekend. In the first heat it was Luke Guillou first, Jay Morrison and Mitchell Mackay. They all found it hard to repeat the performance in the 2nd heat with Jordan Boys taking out heat 2, with Prestipino and Andaloro filling the minor placings. In the Prefinal, it was Prestipino 1st, with Morrison and Boys.The final saw Thomas Prascevic 1st with Boys 2nd and Guillou 3rd. The local hopes Zandt and Costello came 5th and 6th respectively but didn’t have the impact that would have been expected.

golden power series round 2, rochester vic
Above: Clubman Super Heavy roll up for a race start, David Murray (25) and Hayden Dodman (15) share the front row ahead of Martin Golledge (11) and Phill Straughen (2).
pic - Sherry Lanyon

In the Sportsman Over 40’s class a large field assembled. Frank Falla and Andrew Yuill were the most consistent in the early races with Lucas Burt breaking through for the win the in 2nd heat and the final.

Junior Max was next out the gate with Matthew Smith taking out the first heat and Jake Dixon close behind. The 2nd heat saw Dixon turn the tables on Smith, however in the prefinal and final, no one could stop Smith winning, with Holowell and Cesarin rounding out the top three.

Sportsman Restricted Heavy was next on the grid with an impressive line up of drivers. The 1st heat saw Chris Crawley first over the line however he would have some work to do starting near the rear of the grid for the 2nd heat. He worked his way up to 5th while local Alan Stack took the honours with Germanchis and a fast finishing Trent Meadows behind him. In the prefinal  it was Crawley again with Meadows finishing 2nd while Jake Bargwanna rounded out the top 3. In the final Crawley exerted his dominance with Meadows again in 2nd and Rob Chamberlain getting up for  for 3rd.

The Rookies were next with some of Australia’s top young drivers in the field. With the likes of Hughes, Ford, Bennett and Cardamone in the field there was anticipation of great racing ahead. They didn’t let the large spectator crowd on the hill down with Hughes and Ford coming from the rear of the grid in the 1st heat to take 3rd and 4rd respectively. Thomas Bennett came through from the middle of the grid to take 2nd while Nick Cardamone took the win. In the 2nd heat it was Hughes, Bennett, and Ford with Cardamone coming from the back of grid to finish 8th. The prefinal saw Bennett win with Hughes 2nd and Riley Smith coming in 3rd. The final saw Thomsas Hughes take an impressive win with Liam Ford 2nd,Bennett 3rd and Nick Cardamone 4th.

Sportsman Light was next with a field of 15 racers. Heat 1 saw Michael Bantick take the win with Hagen Skinner  2nd and Jason Bargwanna 3rd. Glenn Riddell's drive from the back of field to take 5th was an ominous early sign for his competitiors.  Heat 2 saw Riddell take the win from pole with Thomas coming 2nd and Ashley Lear in 3rd place. In the prefinal Riddell took the honours again with Jesse Davis coming 2nd and Thomas coming 3rd. It was final time, and after his DNF in heat 2 Bargwanna was out to chase down Ridddell but it was not to be. Riddell got the job done with Bargwanna 2nd and the ever consistent Thomas coming 3rd.

With the Cadets going out next, the ever growing crowd knew they were in for a treat from the skilled youngsters. The 1st heat saw Jai Sparey bring it home with Nathan Williams 2nd and Joshua Smith 3rd. The 2nd heat saw Williams reverse the result with Sparey 2nd and Zakkary Best 3rd. Again Williams controlled the prefinal but it wasn’t to be that way in the final with Sparey 1st, Best 2nd and Smith 3rd.

Above: Clubman Super Heavy in action
pic - Sherry Lanyon

Clubman Super Heavy was out next with talented local Hayden Dodman coming from 9th on the grid to take the win. Phill Straughen grabbed 2nd ahead of Dave Murray. Dodman was in control for the rest of the meeting with a superior kart setup and some outstanding driving. Straughen took it up to him in the first couple of laps in the final but Dodman brushed him aside and took a very comfortable win. Straughen came 2nd, with Murray coming 3rd. Straughen commented on the podium that he had never been beaten by someone 40 years younger.

Junior Clubman never fails to provide excitement and Kyle Rethus was in impressive form. He won all races with Nick Rowe in hot pursuit with one 3rd and three 2nds. Matthew Mclean grabbed one 2nd and 3 thirds.

Clubman Heavy had a strong field of 18 with a very fiery first heat. The field calmed down in the 2nd and it was Trent Meadows who finished 1st, with Dylan Collett 2nd and Ryan Aitken 3rd. In the prefinal Glenn Riddell came 1st, with Collett 2nd and Meadows 3rd. In the final Collett turned the tables and beat Riddell with some great driving while Meadows was rewarded for his consistency with 3rd place.

Junior National Heavy had one of the biggest fields of the weekend with 24 starters. Zac Phillips got away to a flying start with Zac Souter in hot pursuit. Jake Coghill drove in to 3rd place. In the 2nd heat it was Matthew Lane, Nicholas Rowe and Souter while Philips had been caught up in an accident in turn 1. In the prefinal Philips got back on top with Rowe and Souter taking the minor placings. It was final time and Philips didn’t disappoint with a great win while Souter came in just in front of Rowe.

Sportsman Heavy was out next with Aron Lawrence making an early impact, beating Geoff Wyhoon and Douglas Haig. With such a large field, grid positions made all the difference and Nicholas Stray won the 2nd heat, Anthony Caiazzo 2nd and James Reynolds rounded out the top 3. In the prefinal Reynolds stamped his dominance on the field with a solid win while Lawrence and Wyhoon managed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Reynolds was on the pole for final and didn’t dissapoint with a strong win over Scott Cole and Lawrence.

Sportsman Restricted Light had the biggest field of the meeting and has recently been labelled as the class with the most action due to the large difference in drivers experience behind the wheel. There was action a plenty from the minute they left the out grid for the 1st heat. Craig Jelbart came to the fore, With Liam Galgey 2nd and James McDonald 3rd. The 2nd heat saw a significant amount of DNF’s but McDonald managed to slide past all the trouble for a great win. Tim McCarthy drove a clean race for 2nd with Stephen Bideleux coming 3rd. In the prefinal and final the results were identical with Jack Richardson taking the win from MacDonald and Bideleux. Local driver Rod Campbell showed  impressive pace making his way up to fourth.

Next it was Sportsman Restricted Super Heavy with the locals filling 3 out of five places on the grid in a small but competitive field. Pete Sloan was unbeaten all weekend and took the clean sweep of all 4 races with some very impressive driving. Martin Golledge followed in 2nd with a consistent drive for all 4 races but had no answer for Sloan’s turn of speed. Don Smith and Glenn Harrop traded places all weekend with Smith eventually coming out on top taking 3rd in the prefinal and final.

Clubman Over 40’saw some very close racing. In the 1st race grid positions proved vital with Adam Bourke taking out 1st place, while Stuart Bruckner and Tim Marriot raced for 2nd and 3rd. The second heat saw the track cooling down and Kevin Taylor took full advantage of his pole position, capitalising with a 1st place. Philip Smith came 2nd while Steven Riddell came 3rd. Sunday morning saw Taylor take another win with Riddell closing from 6th position. The final went to Riddell with some great driving, while Taylor and Bourke took the minor placing.

Clubman Light recognised as the premium class in racing was last out the gate and didn’t disappoint with great racing and spectacular passing moves. With a field of 23 Mark Appleby grabbed the first heat, with Sebastian Tolson 2nd and Justin Francis 3rd. The 2nd heat was late in the day with cold conditions and the track going off, there were soon karts flying everywhere which saw DNF’s aplenty. Michael Bantick missed all the carnage and drove through to take the win, with Jordan Sanderson 2nd and Tyler Cramer 3rd.The prefinal saw Bantick again take the win with Sanderson 2nd and Adrian Stratford 3rd. In the last final of the weekend, Sanderson brought his kart home for the win, while under enormous amount of pressure from Stratford (2nd) and Francis (3rd).

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