AKA Participation Rates - January to April

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Detailed below is a summary of the participation rates within the Australian karting Association when comparing the period January to April in 2011 to January to April 2012.


  • Overall, the participation rate has increased slightly by a total of 3.74% or a total number of 544. This figure does include the endurance competitors for the first time, so a true ‘net gain’ is 378 competitors (2.60%) compared to the opening four months of 2011.
  • The participation in the Clubman category has decreased by 8%, however, the introduction of the Yamaha engine as the only choice in Junior Clubman appears to be one that has assisted participation in that category.
  • Senior National is another category that has seen a significant decrease in participation compared to the corresponding months in 2011.
  • The group of 125 categories (Leopard, Rotax, Sportsman and TaG) has seen an increase in the participation rate of 4.77% amongst the ‘125’ group. The TaG Restricted category has continued its growth compared to last year.
  • When looking even further back and comparing the participation rate to the corresponding period in 2010, there has been a 10% increase in the participation rate across the country.


  • New South Wales has a slight decrease (-2.48%) in its participation rate when comparing the opening four months of 2012 to the previous year. This figure is effectively the equivalent of one race meeting less and the fact that New South Wales is yet to host a Rotax Pro Tour event so far in 2012 compared to 2011 where it held one earlier in the year, there is very little change in the participation rate.
  • There is a solid increase in percentages for the Northern Territory, mainly with a few more numbers appearing in the Clubman and Junior National ranks in the lead up to the National Championships.
  • Queensland appears to have been boosted due to a number of reasons. The strongest club in the state (Ipswich) is once again returning to having some great entry numbers across all classes is certainly one of those. Also, the fact that the state championship was held over Easter instead of July has most certainly assisted in the increase.
  • South Australian numbers have decreased slightly, and is one of only two states who have experienced a decline in the entry level TaG Restricted category compared to the same period in 2011.
  • The participation rate in Tasmania has decreased slightly (2.21%) with the usually strong Senior National categories experiencing a decline. On the other side, the TaG 125 and Junior National have shown some strong signs of growth.
  • Proof that the revised Sportsman 125 regulations are working can be seen in the participation rates from Victoria. While, they are slightly tilted due to the fact that many clubs last year didn’t run a club meeting in April due to the date of Easter, there has been a 37.9% increase in the participation rates of unrestricted 125cc competitors. TaG Restricted has also enjoyed a healthy increase in participation rates while Clubman and Senior National have been on the decline.
  • After last year hosting the National Championships in the same corresponding period, Western Australian competitors are continuing to maintain a strong participation rate. The biggest increase in participation has been seen in the TaG Restricted, Open and Junior Performance (Clubman and Rotax) categories.



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