North Shore Kart Club Championship, Round 3

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The competitors where greeted with the 846m track for this round of the championship. This track offers another passing move at the top of the hill with the double apex hairpin in play. Some of the karters have never raced on this track so it added a little spice to the meeting.

Above: Travis Lichtenberger (59) battles with eventual winner in the Rookies class, Jessie Attard (53)
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Tag R Heavy:

A big field again with 18 hitting the track, Peter Price dominated proceedings putting in a near faultless display. Derek Lane chassed hard all day, the boys in the field put on some great racing with some very interesting passes.

1st Peter Price
2nd Derek Lane
3rd Gordon Gammie

Above: TaG Heavy podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix


Always a pleasure to watch these young stars hit the track and they never fail to entertain. Jessie Attard again was to strong but he was pushed all day by Jett Bennett, Carey Alexander, Travis Litchenberger and Kyle Bonser unfortunatly Bonser would not finish the final.

1st Jessie Attard
2nd Jett Bennett
3rd Carey Alexander

Above: Rookie podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Senior National:

Spectators where treated to some great racing in this class and it was great to see young Sarah Collins (Kosmic) take it to the boys coming from 14th to 6th in the first heat. Aaron Borg had his work cut out to keep her behind and they battled for most of the day. Josh Heath was also very fast grabbing a pair of 2nds.

1st Aaron Borg
2nd Josh Heath
3rd Sarah Collins

Senior National Over 40s:

The more experianced, level headed, wiser, gentleman of the sport put on a show but most of it wasn't level headed!!  Gerald Chait was the man to beat winning the first 2 races but the old fox, Bruce Gentle, used all his cunning to win the pre final. In what was a fierce battle in the final, first Gentle crashed, then on the last lap Williams and Chait crashed out while Chait was leading. This would leave Maurie Piper to pick up the pieces just like he said he would!

1st Maurie Piper
2nd Peter Atkins
The rest crashed out and Anthony Borg pulled in with a few laps to go thinking he couldn't win!

Junior National Heavy:

CRG v Monaco... Davidson and Gamauf both in the black machines and both taking it to Agathos in his Monaco. Agathos would get the win in the end, the boys putting on a great display of good clean racing.

1st Dimitri Agathos
2nd Reece Davidson
3rd Anthony Gamauf

Above: JNH top 5 - 1 Dimitri Agathos, 2 Reece Davidson, 3 Anthony Gamauf, 4 Mitchell Kennedy, 5 Stephanie Stones. pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix


Every spectator who had the pleasure to watch these kids went home with a smile! Russel Mayo in his first race meeting drove very well getting to 6th! He won a huge trophy for encouragement. Jason Varley, who won Clubman Heavy, donated his trophy to young Russel. Another big moment was Jasper Stacey grabbing his first trophy while still on his P plates when he secured 5th! Lucas Litchenberger got the win and was very dominant in his display.

1st Lucas Litchenerger
2nd Jackson Walls
3rd Bailey Foord

TaG R Light:

A big field of 25 for this class and it really shows that the TaG R class is a huge succsess with both Light and Heavy total numbers over 40! Mitchel Webster won everything until the final. Kyle Henry-Smith put it all together to get the big trophy. Dean Van Es was a solid 3rd.

1st Kyle Henry-Smith
2nd Mitchell Webster
3rd Dean Van Es

Clubman Heavy:

The boys came out to play and we saw some rubbin' in this class. They do say Rubbin' is Racing... Varley got the win. He came back from a DSQ in the first heat. A good field of 17 raced hard all day and it was great to see Corey Lean back in Clubman Heavy at the club.

1st Jason Varley
2nd Phil Betteridge
3rd Corey Lean

Above: Jason Varley, winner in Clubman Heavy- and trophy donor to Cadets!
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Sportsman Light:

Kuross Amri knows his way around Eastern Creek like the back of his hand and he showed the rest of his class the way around, however Aaron Cogger really took it to Amri.

1st Kuross Amri
2nd Aaron Cogger
3rd David Jolly

Sportsman Heavy:

Nigal Stones looked to be setting up a win but he didn't finish the race that counts. Tony Walls on the other hand cleared out from the start and won the final in dominating style.

1st Tony Walls
2nd Kerry Avramidis
3rd Ben Piper

Above: Sportsman Heavy winner Tony Walls
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Clubman Light:

Nose to tail racing again from the Clubman Light field. Tommy Phillips looked to have this all sewn up, but Bryce Davidson ran him down only to break a chain. Eldridge came home with 2nd in a very old kart - imagine what he could do in a nice new frame!

1st Tommy Phillips
2nd Ryan Eldridge
3rd Josh Heath

Above: Clubman Light podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Junior National Light:

The final race of the day and spectators were set to watch the 3-way battle that had raged all day between Agathos, Ojeda and Chronis. Andreas Chronis took it to both Agathos and Ojeda as all 3 swapped the lead during the heats. The same would happen in the final and Chronis moved into the lead, Ojeda following him and Agathos right with them. The three opened a small gap to the rest of the field. Ojeda made a move for the lead knowing that if he didn't Agathos would and unfortunatly for Chronis he was pushed wide dropping him down the order and out of contention. Agathos took the lead and led all the way until the last corner. Ojeda making the pass stick to take the win in a very exciting race. Chronis drove back through the field to finish 7th.

1st Jayden Ojeda
2nd Dimitri Agathos
3rd Blake Taunton  

Above: A good day for Dimitri Agathos, 1st and a 2nd in the two Junior National classes
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Above: Karters enjoying the sunshine
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Above: Anthony Gamauf, 3rd in JNH
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Above: Sportsman Heavy podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix