Fourth New Zealand Title For Hutton

press release

Seventeen year old King’s College student Arie Hutton gained his fourth National title by winning the senior KF2 class at the MG Tyres 2012 KartSport New Zealand Sprint Championships held in Hamilton recently.

Arie is the first NZ competitor to win a NZ title in each of the sport’s four current age group classes. Arie’s first NZ title was in Cadet (2005) followed by Junior Restricted Yamaha (2007) and Formula Junior (KF3) (2009). In both 2007 and 2012 Arie was proudly displaying support from long term sponsor Super Freight.

Above: Arie Hutton, KF2, 2012

Since the NZ Sprint Championships Arie has won his class at Round 2 of the 2012 Top Half Series and at the KartSport Mt Wellington 2012 Club Championships.

Arie’s note book:

NZ Sprint Championships - KF2 and Yamaha Light:
“A great event hosted by KartSport Hamilton with great weather and close competition. In KF2 we learnt from the set up mistakes we made at the CIK Trophy of NZ and had a fast stable kart all weekend gaining pole and winning all the races. As expected Aaron Marr was saving his best for the final and although we opened an initial gap, Aaron began to push very hard which meant we were doing qualifying pace laps throughout the middle of the race. Rollo Davies also showed good speed towards the end of the final. It was a good feeling winning my first senior national sprint title!

We qualified 5th for Yamaha Light and started the pre final and final from grid 4. The final was very close with a torrid battle amongst the front bunch. We ran amongst the top six throughout and following the Red Flag restart (lap 10) we moved up to 3rd on lap 13, our position at the chequered flag. Congratulations to James Penrose on his win.”

Above: Arie Hutton, Cadets, 2005

Top Half Series – Yamaha Light
“The first round was at Hamilton prior the Nationals. We had good pace winning the first two heats on Saturday. However on Sunday a poor chassis set up for a drying track meant we were only 10th in heat three. We were fast in heat four but lost a lap when we had to stop due to the track being blocked with a multi kart pile up on the sweeper. A close 2nd in the fifth heat gave an overall result of 4th for the day.
Round 2 was at the tight slippery EBOP track in Edgecumbe. While the entry number was well down we still had a great battle with Andy Schofield and Cory Green all day. We came away with 4 wins and a 2nd which has helped our series points. One round to go in June at Mt Wellington to defend my 2011 Top Half title.”

KartSport Mt Wellington Club Championships – Yamaha Light
“The tight Mt Wellington track always makes for some great racing, especially with the predetermined grid, five heat format. Overtaking is tough if the driver in front positions his kart well. After four heats we were equal on points with Jason Butterworth, however Jason had pole for the last heat due to his heat four win (by 0.008 second!). It was all on for the title in the last heat and it was only a couple of laps from the end that we managed to slip inside Jason on the sweeper and go on to win the heat and the title.”

“A big thanks to Lance and Mack Peach from Super Freight for their on-going support and encouragement.”

Above: Arie Hutton, Junior Restricted, 2007

MG Tyres KartSport New Zealand Sprint Championships
1st        Arie Hutton                Tony Kart/Iame/MG              18 laps
2nd       Aaron Marr                  Tony Kart/Vortex/MG             +2.063
3rd        Roland Davies            Tony Kart/Vortex/MG             +4.451

100cc Yamaha Light
1st        James Penrose           Arrow/Yamaha/MG                18 laps
2nd       James Sera                Monaco/Yamaha/MG             +0.065
3rd        Arie Hutton                Tony Kart/Yamaha/MG        +0.456

2012 VCM Top Half Series Overall Points (after 2 of 3 rounds) 100cc Yamaha Light
1st        Arie Hutton                Tony Kart/Yamaha/MG        398
2nd       Andy Schofield           Monaco/Yamaha/MG             393
3rd        Corey Green               Arrow/Yamaha/MG                381

2012 KartSport Mt Wellington Club Championships 100cc Yamaha Light
1st        Arie Hutton                Tony Kart/Yamaha/MG        5 points
2nd       Jason Butterworth       Arrow/Yamaha/MG                6
3rd        Mitchell Osborne         Tony Kart/Yamaha/MG          14

Arie’s next major events are:

  • VCM Top Half Series Round 3 at KartSport Mt Wellington 10 June.
  • KartSport New Zealand National Schools Championships at KartSport Wellington on July 23-24.

Above: Arie Hutton, KF3, 2009

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