Ben George To Head Back To Europe

Ben George is heading back to Europe. The former Tasmanian, who won the Rotax DD2 World Title in 2006, will attend this year’s Rotax World Final in Portugal in November – the country where he won the title six years ago.

This time, however, he won’t be driving. Instead, George will provide his R360 race support service.

Following the event, Ben will fly to Austria where he will set up a new nest with wife Julia and daughter Indy Isabella.

KartSportNews: Ben, you have been back in Australia for just three years, established a race support and driver training business and recently started a family. Why the move back to Europe?

Ben George: I guess there are a number of reasons. Firstly, my daughter is only 11 months old, so she is at a prefect age to pick up languages. In Austria, her relatives all speak German. It is an ideal opportunity for her to learn both English from me and German from her relatives.

Secondly, I miss the European karting scene. I love the level of professionalism. It’s a great place to learn more and better yourself.

And finally, I have always wanted to help get more Aussies overseas. I know how good we (Australian karters) are, we just need to feel at ease when going to a European race. I think that having a fellow Aussie in Europe to help make arrangements etc will encourage more Australians to race in Europe.

KSN: Do you have a team lined up to work with?

BG: No, I don't plan to assign myself to any one team. I plan to continue my R360 race support business, so I will mechanic and train drivers in the Austrian, Hungarian, Dutch, German and European Rotax Championships. I will also do some chassis work for a KZ WSK team.