Jake In Japan: Day 3 Diary (Friday)

* Subsequent to this update, Jake qualified 16th in the 30-kart KF2 field, 0.382s off pole (Kevin Rossel, Birle/BMB). He then had a DNF and a 15th in the two heat races. One more heat, pre-final and final to run on Sunday. More to follow...

  • Follow Jake's progress via the timing section of the event page on the CIK-FIA site HERE.

from Jake Spencer & Remo Racing

Tough day in Japan today (Friday). Struggling to get the kart set up around my height. Other drivers in the team would be pushing 5 foot haha :) ended up position 14 overall for today. 

My kart felt quite good in the first session this morning. Everyone ran new tyres.

I had a few carby issues which cost me time down the straights so we changed the carby for the second session which fixed the problem. 

Above: Jake's 'A' and 'B' chassis for different levels of track rubber
pic - Spencer/facebook

In the second and third sessions I was around 7th and 8th fastest for my group, however the kart developed a lot of oversteer on the exit of the corner. This led to the kart losing revs on exit and costing me time. The team thinks that because I am so tall I am working the kart a lot more than the other drivers in the team. 
In the final session we tested our 'B' chassis. It had a lot less grip in the rear in comparison to the A chassis, and this feedback was similar to what the other drivers thought of the B chassis.

The team says that if the track starts to rubber up then this chassis will be perfect for those conditions. 
I need to find some more time if I am going to stay with the leader's pace tomorrow. I feel that a lot of that time can be made up in my driving, as well as little improvements to the chassis set up and engine.

New tyres saved for carby session tomorrow morning, then we have qualifying (or kronos as they call it over here lol).

So, in the morning we have a 15 minute warm up at around 9:30am. My teammates and I have each saved a new set of our allocated tires for the warm up so we can get a feel of track conditions before qualifying. 
Im confident of putting down a quick time in qualifying!


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