Spencer DNFs; Foré Wins Race 4

Jake Spencer DNFd the KF2 Final in Japan today when his engine seized. He had started the race from grid 14.

He wrote on facebook "Awesome weekend in Japan. I managed to get up to as high as 8th in the early stages of the final before the engine seized. It was partly my fault as I leaned the low jet off too much. Learnt so much throughout the weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it possible :)"

In the KF1 World Championship class, Flavio Camponeschi and Davidé Foré won todays two races and Camponeschi (Tony Kart) leads the series with 75 points ahead of Daiki Sasaki (Kosmic, 60 pts), Felice Tiene (CRG, 49 points) and Foré (CRG, 47 pts).

Videos of the KF1 finals and driver interviews can be found on TKartWeb HERE.



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