Super One Rotax Series, Round 2

from Graham Smith, TSR Productions

In a complete contrast to the first round, the Welsh 1100m circuit of Glan y Gors was bathed all weekend in hot sunshine. Located on a sloping field, the track is a mixture of a long uphill straight combined with tight and twisty sections with the last corner always good for a last moment lunge. All of Super One wishes Harrison Huggan and Gaby Weyer swift recoveries from their injuries.

Above: Senior Rotax winner Sean Babbington
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Honda Cadet
From the first final pole Sandy Mitchell towed away the fast starting Luke Wooder, dropping Ethan Andrews and Elliot Harvey who had passed Kiern Jewiss and Charlie Lamb. Andrews threw off the tow and set about closing the gap to the lead duo, and when they started fighting on the last lap Wooder took the win, with Mitchell hung out to fifth and Andrews taking second. For the second final, Andrews fell to fourth at the start as Wooder led Jewiss and Harvey up the hill at the front of a long train. Jewiss leapfrogged to second and broke away with Wooder, but after some clashes Wooder and Jewiss fell back leaving Harvey at the front as a red flag came out to attend to an upturned and injured Harrison Huggan who was found to have sustained a broken arm. Charlie Lamb, who had been fourth running with Harvey, did not restart.  For the restarted race, Harvey was dropped to third as first Andrews and then Wooder once more took charge, Andrews dropping to 14th at the end with Mitchell slotting into second behind Wooder. But Harvey was excluded for his clash with Andrews.

Final 1: 1 Luke Wooder (Project One); 2 Ethan Andrews (Project One); 3 Elliot Harvey (Project One); 4 Kiern Jewiss (Project One); 5 Sandy Mitchell (Project One).
Final 2: 1 Wooder; 2 Mitchell; 3 Jewiss; 4 Morgan Porter (BRK); 5 Connor Grady (Project One).

Above: Luke Wooder
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Guan Yu Zhou was quick to grab the lead from Philip Rawson on the opening lap of the first final, with Edward Tansley having a great start from grid 8 to slot into third, although soon losing out to Dave Wooder. Rawson tracked the Shanghai youngster all the way but never found an opening, the pad opening three seconds on Lando Norris who had stormed up from grid 16 after two poor heats aided by cleverly avoiding the first corner chaos. Harrison Thomas had started on the same grid row, and followed Norris up to fifth, Wooder between them at the flag. Rawson was pushed wide at the start of the second final and within a couple of laps Norris had usurped Zhou at the front, with Thomas taking Wooder for third.  Than a red flag stopped the race to deal with an incident, Gaby Weyer later diagnosed with a fractured wrist.  At the restart, Zhou hung on grimly to Norris, and made one successful challenge on the diminutive Norris, who struck back immediately and kept ahead to the chequer. Connor Mills closed the gap leaving Connor Hall who had just passed Wooder for fourth. Rawson made it up to eleventh.

Final 1: 1 Guan Yu Zhou (Tonykart); 2 Philip Rawson (Kosmic); 3 Lando Norris (Tonykart); 4 Dave Wooder (Alonso); 5 Harrison Thomas (Tonykart).
Final 2: 1 Norris; 2 Zhou; 3 Connor Mills (Tonykart); 4 Connor Hall (Tonykart); 5 Wooder.

Above: Guan Yu Zhou
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Junior Max
Although Ross Gunn held the lead in the first final for a couple of laps, poleman Kyle Fowlie soon redressed the balance with an ailing Gunn falling to sixth and eventually twelfth. Toby Sowery moved into second but a long way back, and Rob Holland headed the third place battle as Sam Marsh and Danny Keirle were hung out falling to seventh and eighth. In the second final Fowlie and Sowery battled hard for the win, but when Sowery knocked Fowlie’s exhaust off he was forced to retire. Sowery soon followed him in on a black flag and exclusion, leaving Tom Harvey to win over Rob Holland, Keirle and Marsh.

Final 1: 1 Kyle Fowlie (Gillard); 2 Toby Sowery (Tonykart); 3 Rob Holland (Tonykart); 4 Oliver Norris (Tonykart); 5 Raoul Hyman (Alonso).
Final 2: 1 Tom Harvey (Tonykart); 2 Holland; 3 Danny Keirle (Jade); 4 Sam Marsh (Tonykart); 5 Ross Gunn (Tonykart).

Above: Junior Final One winner Kyle Fowlie
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Max 177
Matthew Nicholson made a great start in the first final, with defending champion Lucas Orrock settling in behind and making his move on lap 8. And there it stayed, Orrock pulling out a good cushion whilst Tom Holland held off Colin Davis for third, David Griffiths next.  In the second final Orrock made no mistake at the start and left Nicholson nearly five seconds behind. Holland again held off Davis, Andrew Cole and Griffiths for third.

Final 1: 1 Lucas Orrock (Kosmic); 2 Matthew Nicholson (Tonykart); 3 Tom Holland (Alonso); 4 Colin Davies (Tonykart); 5 David Griffiths (GMS).
Final 2: 1 Orrock; 2 Nicholson; 3 Holland; 4 Davis; 5 Andrew Cole (GMS).

Above: Lucas Orrock, Rotax MAX 177
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Senior Max
Sean Babington dominated the senior Max class, although jumped at the first final start by Edward Brand, he soon took over and pulled out over three seconds. Ash Hand pitted at the start whilst front runner Shaun Slavin had failed to finish the repechage. The Protrain Formula K pairing of Brand and Charlie Eastwood held station behind Babington, whilst Andy King ran fourth but suffered a five place penalty for regaining his grid slot under yellow flags, elevating John Stewart, Lewis Plato and the rest.  Final 2 saw a runaway lights to flag victory for Babington, and in fact the top five stayed in the same order with King coming up to sixth ahead of Oliver Hodgson. Scott Harrison had started well but a downward slide took him to eleventh whilst Ash Hand stormed up to thirteenth.

Final 1: 1 Sean Babington (Alonso); 2 Edward Brand (Formula K); 3 Charlie Eastwood (Formula K); 4 John Stewart (Tonykart); 5 Lewis Plato (Tonykart).
Final 2: 1 Babington; 2 Brand; 3 Eastwood; 4 Stewart; 5 Plato.

Above: Senior MAX podium
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Above: Tom Harvey won the second Jnr MAX final
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