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NSW State Cup (Metro) - Round 2

press release

A cold and windy first day didn’t deter the karters turning up for Round 2 of the NSW State Cup (Metro) which was hosted by Combined Districts Kart Club at Lithgow on the weekend of 26-27 May. 

With the NSW Closed State Titles being held at Lithgow in July and the round being one of the last to qualify, there was a good turnout with 166 competitors across ten classes. 

Sunday, thankfully, brought a much nicer day with the sun coming out to warm the day up a bit.  There was some good hard racing with the Rookies in particular providing a very entertaining and hard fought final.

Sportsman 125 Light

A good field of 15 drivers took to the track, with the top three finishers challenging each other over the 4 races.  The eventual winner being Jacob Parsons with Matthew Nippress and Mitchell Hewitt taking out 2nd and 3rd.

Above: Top Kart's Jacob Parsons in Sportsman 125 Light
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Junior National Light

Almost grid capacity, 30 drivers came out to contest.  Hayden Sunderland was dominant until the final taking out the two heats and pre-final.  Unfortunately he was unable to do the same in the final finishing 5th.  It was Jayden Ojeda who crossed the line first and Cody Gillis and Gus Flynn following in 2nd and 3rd.

Clubman Light

It was Nathan Tigani all the way taking out both heats, pre-final and final.  Steeley-Noda Barnes also being dominant with 2nd in every race.  The fight for third was between Jordan Zammit and Joshua Seiffert with Joshua being the victor.

Above: It was a clean sweep for Nathan Tigani (6) in Clubby Light
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix


Another class which was dominated by one driver, that being Benito Montalbano winning every race.  2nd and 3rd went to Brodie Whitmore and Zachery Heard.  Young Sharnay Seal was awarded a special encouragement award.  Although receiving the blue flag she held her line without causing any issues to the drivers coming through and raced really well.  Congratulations Sharnay.

Sportsman 125 Heavy

Only eight contenders for this race but some good driving shown by all.  The eventual podium showed Michael Saller 1st, Benjamin Ritchie 2nd and Matthew Endres 3rd.

Clubman Heavy

Some top drivers here with Jason Hryniuk, Jason Varley, Trent Rogers, Adam Hunter, Andrew Roffey and the return of Corey Lean just to name a few.  With a mishap in having Jason Varley not on the entry list for qualifying, he did not receive a qualifying time so had to start rear of field.  This certainly did not deter him with him finishing up the front for the heats and pre-final and ending with an eventual 3rd in the final.  But it was Jason Hryniuk’s weekend taking out 1st with Trent Rogers following close behind in 2nd.

Above: Jason Hryniuk (45) won Clubman Heavy, here fending off Adam Hunter (11), Greg Turner (76), James Taylor (25) and Joshua Pontello (2)
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Clubman Super Heavy

Only 5 drivers in this class, but it was close racing with the eventual winner being Jeffrey Cooper followed by David Endres in 2nd and Paul Sciberras in 3rd.

Above: Another Super Heavy win for the vastly experienced Jeffrey Cooper
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Junior National Heavy

Some fantastic close racing between these young ones, there wasn’t much between the top 7 to 8 drivers.  However, the final didn’t see much change in positions within the top 5 with James Duckworth crossing 1st, Dimitri Agathos 2nd and Cody Gillis 3rd.

Above: James Duckworth got up to win the JNH final
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix


What a final to watch and great competitive and fair driving by the top five drivers.  The top three changing positions over the 16 lap final was fantastic, with Joshua Car coming out the victor followed narrowly by Jack Winter in to 2nd and Cody Brewcaynski taking 3rd.

Above: Rookie action, Zac Raddatz leads a pack
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Senior National Combined

A strong field of 22 drivers took to the track for some very close driving over all the races.  Some hard fought battles as well with not only the front runners but also down the field as well.  The eventual winner was Aaron Borg, Aaron Giuntini taking 2nd and Sarah Collins 3rd.

Above: Nicholas Cooley (15) under pressure in Senior National
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Full race results can be found on AKS CM:S HERE.  Please note that the results for Clubman Heavy and Clubman Super Heavy can be found under Clubman Heavy a and Clubman Super Heavy a.