Larkhall Super One MSA/TKM Series Round

from Graham Smith

An exciting but sometimes acrimonious Super One incorporating the MSA Junior and Senior British Championships was held at the twisty Scottish circuit, blighted by rain showers.

Sahara Force India Formula 1 driver Paul Di Resta was on hand to see his brother guesting - and winning - in the Formula KGP class, and to observe the progress of the three ‘One in a Billion’ Academy drivers, one of which topped the KF3 timed qualifying under the mentorship of karting legend Terry Fullerton. Two of the KF2 favourites clashed and were eliminated, George Russell took a maximum score in KF3, whilst local ace Dean MacDonald dominated the Comer Cadets.

Above: Stefan Di Resta won the 2nd Final of Formula KGP
pic - Chris Walker,

Comer Cadet
Dean MacDonald was easily quickest in the first timed qualifying session, and Enaam Ahmed fastest in the other slower session. Both won heats, Josh Smith the other beating MacDonald into third which allowed Ahmed to claim pole for the first final. And although Ahmed took the hole shot, MacDonald was soon through.  Ahmed clung on for a few laps but gradually MacDonald eked out a 4s win. Ross Martin and Smith fought over third, joined by Oliver York and Jack Armstrong, until Smith lost many places leaving Martin isolated for third. Cameron Roberts carved through to fourth from the back with fastest lap, York held fifth and Eddie Hack stormed up to sixth. “The kart just got better and better, really good,” opined MacDonald.  He was in a class of his own in the second final, achieving a brilliant 5s win over Martin who had slotted into second at the start and held it there, well clear of Ahmed. The latter was struggling, holding up Roberts for several laps before plunging down the order. Smith stopped with a chain off, and Sean Rudge overcame Zak Fulk for fourth on the line but suffered a 5 place penalty later.

Final 1 - 1 Dean MacDonald (Zip) 21 laps in 15m55.90s (41.78mph); 2 Enaam Ahmed (Zip) +03.92s; 3 Ross Martin (Wright); 4 Cameron Roberts (Zip); 5 Oliver York (Zip); 6 Eddie Hack (Gillard).
Final 2 - 1 MacDonald 21 laps in 15m52.36s (41.93mph); 2 Martin +05.22s; 3 Roberts; 4 Zak Fulk (Zip); 5 Josh Skelton (Zip); 6 Sam Faulkner (Zip). 

Above: Cadet podium, Dean McDonald the winner
pic - Chris Walker,

Junior TKM
Denholm Smith topped the TQ list but it was rather a lottery as rain started almost straight away and it was Stephen Letts and Jack Partridge who took the heats. Yet again as the karts emerged on slicks, the rain started and soon intensified putting several karts off leading to an all course yellow for a short while. Once cleared Partridge led but Daniel Baybutt starred, coming by and pulling out 10s whilst Partridge fell into the clutches of Sam Randon, Letts and Jordan Irvine after an error. But Randon was excluded from the meeting for an exhaust port not conforming to the fiche. “I’ve done quite a bit of testing in the wet on slicks, and Jack went off on the last lap anyway,” said Baybutt.  He was soon overwhelmed in the second dry final though, as Irvine took a large lead then started to fade. Matt Davies leapfrogged Letts at the bottom hairpin and towed Letts past Irvine, Partridge later able to join in the fun. But Davies went off at the hairpin, Letts passing with Partridge tucked in behind, Irvine, Alex Forward and Baybutt in close company.

Final 1 - 1 Daniel Baybutt (Jade) 17 laps in 16m25.03s (32.82mph); 2 Stephen Letts (Tonykart) +10.36s; 3 Jordan Irvine (Tonykart); 4 Jack Partridge (Jade); 5 Matt Davies (ARC); 6 Alex Forward (Wright).
Final 2 - 1 Letts 24 laps in 16m06.9786s (47.20mph); 2 Partridge +00.39s; 3 Irvine; 4 Forward; 5 Baybutt; 6 Arran Mills (Jade). 

Above: Daniel Baybutt, Junior TKM
pic - Chris Walker,

TKM Extreme
Paul Monks pipped Joshua Waring and Ash Crossey in timed qualifying whilst it was Crossey and Ryan Cole who won the heats. Everyone had time to mount wets for the first final, with Cole taking full advantage of pole to clear off into a 4s victory. Waring and James Bartlett vied for second until Bartlett’s equipment let him down, so Waring had little to fear from the distant Crossey, Paul Monks and Luke Graver train. “To be fair we did hardly anything to the kart settings for the wet, but we’ve always been good here,” said Cole. Out on slicks for the first time in the second final, Cole was dispatched to third then fourth by Crossey, Waring and then Graver. Will van Es was on a charge from 9th, carving through them all to lead, and when Crossey and Graver started trading second he was able to escape to win. Joe Porter, off the track in the first final, stormed up to third, Crossey having regained and holding second with Graver, Waring and Cole behind them. “We’ve got the pace in the dry, we didn’t test on Friday so everyone was a bit ahead of us on the wets,” said a delighted van Es.

Final 1 - 1 Ryan Cole (Tonykart) 204 laps in 16m29.48s (38.44mph); 2 Joshua Waring (ARC) +03.54s; 3 Ash Crossey (Tonykart); 4 Paul Monks (Tal-Ko); 5 Luke Graver (Tonykart); 6 Luke Ogden (Jade).
Final 2 - 1 Van Es 24 laps in 15m54.39s (47.82mph); 2 Crossey +05.11s; 3 Joe Porter (Intrepid); 4 Graver; 5 Waring; 6 Cole. 

Above: Ryan Cole leads TKM Extreme
pic - Chris Walker,

KF2 MSA British Championship
Although Jack Barlow headed timed qualifying from Mark Litchfield and Ben Barnicoat, it was Litchfield who sped to the first heat victory unencumbered by his young rival Barnicoat who lost his chain at the start. But the acrimony started in the second heat, when Barnicoat lost the lead, nudged Litchfield out of the way again and on the next lap tried to brave out another pass by Litchfield followed by Barlow putting both himself and Litchfield on the grass. Barnicoat was excluded, Ricky Collard also for a separate incident. All chose slicks for the first final although the track was still damp, Barlow making a great start and never headed. Litchfield lost second to Sam Macleod and took some time to regain it, meanwhile Barnicoat was storming up from the back to reach fifth but unable to make much inroads on Ollie Walker. “The key was in the start, I got a good gap,” said Barlow. Alex Hamilton was excluded for driving standards so would start at the back with Sam Webster who had failed to start.

Above: Sam Webster won Final 2 of KF2
pic - Chris Walker,

Litchfield quickly passed Barlow for the lead of the second final, and Barnicoat was quick to catch him as Barlow fell behind MacLeod. Barnicoat took Litchfield at the second hairpin, Litchfield striking back immediately at Pits corner then Barnicoat flung his kart up inside and across the top of Litchfield’s at turn one in a rather optimistic move and to the fury of Litchfield as both went skittering off the track. Litchfield’s radiator was smashed so he went in, Barnicoat too a little later. No judicial action was taken after an inquiry, there being insufficient evidence either way so Barlow looked like he might cruise to an easy victory until his engine seized. Hamilton and Webster arrowed through the remainder of the field to the front, Webster snatching the win with Hamilton struggling with loose steering. Walker had earlier taken MacLeod for third. “I started dead last and had a bad start, so was just picking them off on the first few laps and I missed the kerfuffle and got through unscathed, then Jack broke down and I managed to pass Alex,” said the winner.

Final 1 - 1 Jack Barlow (Intrepid) 24 laps in 15m40.08s (48.55mph); 2 Mark Litchfield (Birel) +01.05s; 3 Sam MacLeod (FA Alonso); 4 Ollie Walker (Intrepid); 5 Ben Barnicoat (ART); 6 Shaun Slavin (Wright).
Final 2 - 1 Sam Webster (ART) 26 laps in 16m14.45s (50.74mph); 2 Alex Hamilton (Intrepid) +02.82s; 3 Walker; 4 MacLeod; 5 Slavin; 6 Hannah Pym (Intrepid). 

Above: Jack Barlow won Final 1, but DNF's Final 2
pic - Chris Walker,

Formula KGP
Tom Healy was a hairsbreadth quicker than Jason Edgar in timed qualifying, and shared the heat wins with Denis Gorman. Stefan Di Resta was out late in TQ after a battery failure so could only manage 11th but came up to fifth on the first final grid, with Healy and Gorman of course on the front row. On a still damp track Healy was the first to run wide, losing the lead to Bobby Game who pulled a substantial gap then made the same error leaving Healy back in control. Di Resta moved up to second, then he too ran wide over the grass so Gorman had a clear track to reel in and pass Healy, relieved when Healy succumbed to a challenge from James Gornall. “I think the only reason I won was because everyone went flying off at the top of the hill,” opined Gorman. He enjoyed a few laps in the lead of the second final until a hard charging Di Resta sliced through Gornall, Healy and then Gorman, and pulled out a good cushion. “I made a few mistakes in the first one and got a bit fussed about it but had a word with myself and saw I had fastest lap so knew it was possible to win,” said Di Resta. His family had said on Friday they were there to win, and it duly came to pass in front of his brother and his F1 team hierarchy. Gorman traded second with Healy, coming out on top but apparently a pass was on a yellow flag and although he appealed a 10s penalty put him back to seventh. So that left Healy, Gornall, Game and John Pike in the next few places. Scott Allen recovered to sixth on the road from the back but was excluded for taking off Edgar on the way.

Final 1 - 1 Denis Gorman (Maranello) 25 laps in 15m51.29s (49.98mph); 2 James Gornall (Intrepid) +00.82s; 3 Tom Healy (Birel); 4 Jonathan Davis (Intrepid); 5 Stefan Di Resta (Birel); 6 Jake Hughes (Birel).
Final 2 - 1 Di Resta 25 laps in 15m42.47s (50.44mph); 2 Healy +01.38s; 3 Gornall; 4 Bobby Game (Birel); 5 John Pike (Maranello); 6 Robbie Dalgleish (Intrepid). 

Above: KGP Final 1 winner, Denis Gorman
pic - Chris Walker,

KF3 MSA Junior British Championship
With young talent in abundance, it was the Sahara Force India Academy driver Jehan Daruvala who took the heat poles with fastest in TQ over Billy Monger, Martin Kodric and Alex Gill. One or two small errors took him down to 8th and 6th in the heats, these won by Kodric from George Russell and Gill respectively. Harrison Newey, son of the Red Bull F1 designer, suffered a driving standards exclusion in a heat. Kodric manufactured a good lead in the first final whilst Russell and Gill squabbled over second, Russell eventually getting the upper hand and inching ever closer to the Croatian. A quick move at the second hairpin sealed a win for Russell, he said: “Alex got me early on but I pushed hard to catch Martin and I don’t think he expected the pass.” A strung out Gill and Nathan Aston followed, Daruvala having been pushed onto the grass and falling to last. Bradley Shaw was excluded for driving standards and Tarun Reddy for a kart issue. Russell was pressured hard by Gill but kept his lead throughout the second final, Kodric lying third but just losing ground to Gill. “I was close to George at the start but just make a little mistake,” said Gill. Jamie Caroline came up to fourth, sending Josh Price back a place, the latter losing out later to Aston too. Shaw took another driving exclusion whilst Reddy and Will Stowell both had to pit for kart repairs.  Daruvala pitted at the start for attention to his engine whilst Newey’s equipment let him down in the latter stages.

Final 1 - 1 George Russell (Intrepid) 25 laps in 15m48.61s (50.12mph); 2 Martin Kodric (Alonso) +00.40s; 3 Alex Gill (Wright); 4 Nathan Aston (Intrepid); 5 Josh Price (Intrepid); 6 Samuel Oram-Jones (Intrepid).
Final 2 - 1 Russell 25 laps in 15m44.63s (50.33mph); 2 Gill +00.86s; 3 Kodric; 4 Jamie Caroline (Intrepid); 5 Nathan Aston (Intrepid); 6 Price.

Above: Two wins for George Russell
pic - Chris Walker,