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IKD Introduces J-MAX 'Trophy Class'

IKD has introduced a J-MAX 'Trophy class' utilising the Junior MAX engine and Sodi Kart chassis.

The class will run at Rotax Pro Tour events as a development category before drivers step into the main Junior MAX class. Drivers ranked in the top 20 of the National Rotax Rankings will not be able to compete.

Competitors will be required to lease a brand new Sodi ST30 chassis and must run the kart in a 'control' standard specification (ie, no axle changes, special hubs, rims etc). They can lease an engine, or use their own.

junior max rotax trophy class

"Many people want to race Junior Max, but are concerned that it is too big of a step to go straight into it" IKD states in the FAQs for the class.

"The Sodi Junior Max Trophy class provides competitors with an ideal opportunity to gain experience running Junior Max against competitors that are of a similar standard. It is also hoped that this class will be a success and therefore result in more Junior Max competitors at club level events."

Participants can have unlimited use of the kart until the 2013 Rotax Nationals.

  • Trophy Class page with details and entry form on the Rotax Australia website HERE

J-MAX Trophy Class Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the kart/engine for practice as much as I like?
Yes, the kart and engine is yours until the 2013 Rotax Nationals, we want you to use it and race it as much as possible.

2. Can I simply hand the kart/engine back at the end of the lease?
Yes, you can hand it back to IKD, the only obligation you are under is to hand everything back in good working order. Damaged parts must be replaced including the complete sticker kit if there are “any” tyre marks on it.

3. Can I buy the kart/engine if I want to?
Yes, IKD will be offering everyone the opportunity to purchase the package before the end of the lease….and it will be a good deal!!!!!!

4. Can I lease a chassis without an engine?
Yes, for example if you already own a Junior Max engine and wish to lease just a chassis, this is definitely an option.

5. Do I have to race every Pro Tour event?
No, it is up to you how often you race, you are under no obligation to race any event.

6. In what condition must I hand the kart back?
Everything must be in good working order, nothing bent, broken or damaged.

7. Why is IKD running this promotion?
To provide Junior Max karters with a class to race at the Pro Tour that is a stepping stone to the “main class”. Many people want to race Junior Max but are concerned that it is too big of a step to go straight into it. The Sodi Junior Max Trophy class provides competitors with an ideal opportunity to gain experience running Junior Max against competitors that are of a similar standard. It is also hoped that this class will be a success and therefore result in more Junior Max competitors at club level events.

8. Will the Sodi Junior Max Trophy class be treated equally at Pro Tour events?
Yes, same number of races, same laps, same trophies.

9. Can experienced Junior Max drivers enter the class?
No, anybody who finished the 2011/12 ranking cycle in the top 20 is not eligible to compete in the Sodi Junior Max Trophy class.

10. Why is it a controlled chassis?
So that it is a level playing field for everybody. By doing this it also allows us to control other variable (axles, wheels and hubs etc) to make it as simple as possible for the competitors.

11. What is controlled on the chassis?
The axle, wheels, wheel hubs (front & rear), floor tray. Essentially you are to run the kart as you receive it…including the sticker kit. Sodi are supporting this class to help make it viable so in return each driver is expected to run the Sodi sticker kit.

12. What else is controlled?
Carburettor is even more tightly controlled and must be left totally standard. The only thing you can change is the main jet. At all Pro Tour events there will also be a controlled oil (Xeramic) to take away yet another variable and the spark plug is controlled at all Pro Tour events as well. The overall objective of this class is to be a simple as possible and allow the kids/parents to focus on learning about Junior Max. You do not have to worry about which chassis, which axle, which wheel or wheel hub, which carburetor configuration, which oil…..just get out there and drive!!!!!!!

13. What tyre is the class using?
MOJO D1. Slightly harder than the D2 but overall it is very similar. The MOJO D1 is a slightly slower tyre making it ideal for learning the ropes. (subject to AKA approval).

14. Can I get the kart/engine assembled?
Yes, for a $200 fee the kart can be supplied fully assembled.

15. Can the Kart/engine be freighted to me?
Yes, freight costs will vary depending on the destination. Some aspects of the kart may have to be disassembled to allow it to be freighted.

16. Will there be a ranking for the Sodi Junior Max Trophy class?
Yes, however there will be no Rotax World Final seats allocated to competitors in this class.

17. What prizes are on offer for the Sodi Junior Max Trophy class?
The winner of the rankings gets to keep his Kart/Engine package free of charge….plus there may be various prizes etc at random at Rotax Pro Tour events from time to time.

18. What happens if not enough people take up the offer?
We are expecting this offer to be hugely successful, we did a lease deal for DD2 class a few years ago and it was fully subscribed. Just to be sure this is how it will work….people pay their money and commit to a lease deal between now and September 28th, 2012. At this point IKD will decide if it can go ahead based on the numbers. Assuming it goes ahead, karts will then be delivered and the first race for the Sodi Junior Max Trophy will be at the Canberra Pro Tour on October 26-28, 2012. The class will then run at all Pro Tour events up until and including the 2013 Rotax Nationals which will be held at Puckapunyal, Victoria.

19. Can I practice before the first event?
Yes. The engines will need to be run in and it would be advisable to have a practice day in the kart before the first race. However, IKD will not be supplying any competitors with D1 tyres until the event. This is because we only have committed to enough D1 tyres to get us through the first event.

20. Are the karts and engines brand new?
Yes, everything will be supplied brand new.

21. Who maintains the engine?
This is up to you, you can have the engine maintained by your usual engine builder. Junior Max engines are very reliable and do not need a lot of maintenance though. Just make sure your engine builder does not do anything to the engine that will deem it illegal. Any maintenance costs during the year are your responsibility and the engine must be returned at the end of the lease term in good running order but does not have to be returned freshly rebuilt.

22. How do I order my kart?
Speak to your local Rotax dealer, pay your money and get them to get your name on the list. Numbers are strictly limited and we are actually hoping that this offer will be oversubscribed so get in quick. IKD must be paid in full before your name will be locked in and no karts will be sent out that have not been paid in full.

23. How much does it cost?
The lease fee for the season (which concludes at the 2013 Rotax Nationals) is $3500 including GST.

24. Should I do it?
Of course you should, the Rotax Pro Tour will be the best events you have ever been to….lots of practice, free dinners, long races, huge trophies and you will be learning the ropes of the best junior category in the World – Junior Max!!!!!



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