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Two New Titles for CRG at WSK Euro Series

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Since the launch of the WSK series, CRG has won a number of very important titles in these popular and hard-fought Championships. At the final round held at Zuera, CRG conquered two of the four titles at stake: Alex Palou (CRG-BMB) triumphed in KF3 and Jorrit Pex (CRG-TM) in KZ1.


As the latter noted, these successes are all the more important because they have come at the end of a Championship held on four different tracks, in conditions that are never identical. And in all cases, CRG chassis were up to expectations.


KZ1: Another Success for Pex and CRG
Once again, Jorrit and CRG have reaped the benefits of their cooperation, which started several years ago. In addition to recently winning the European Championship in the most hard-fought class of international karting, the Pex Racing team and their driver experienced a fantastic weekend at Zuera. The Dutch driver set the pole position, in addition to winning the two finals on Saturday and Sunday, which allowed him to add his name to the list of WSK Euro Series winners. Pex and his CRG chassis showed a high level of performance, but also managed tyre wear perfectly, which was a key element at the Spanish meeting. Jonathan Thonon and Davide Forè (CRG-Maxter/Tecsav), who were 4th and 6th respectively on Saturday, were aiming for a podium on Sunday, but some technical problems disrupted their performances. Andrea Dale and Fabian Federer entered the top 10.

KZ2: Victory Vanishes
Jordon Lennox-Lamb led an attack race and crossed the finish line of Final 1 first. The Briton was therefore back in the race to the title, but he was bumped into during Sunday's final and lost all his chances. Too bad, because Jordon was very fast behind the wheel of his CRG-Maxter prepared in-house. The performances shown by Alvaro Gomez and Julio-Andres Martinez, members of the Jam Kart Team from Tenerife, are also worth mentioning.


KF2: Tiene Becomes Vice Champion
Showing CRG colours on the podium has become a good habit for Felice Tiene, who ended his WSK participation on a high note. Despite a problem in one of the heats, the Italian climbed up from 12th to 4th in the pre-final and just missed out on victory in the final race. In second position with the second fastest lap time in the race, Tiene (CRG-BMB/KVS) was also second in the 2012 WSK Euro Series classification. Tom Joyner (LH-BMB) was not as successful despite his high level of performance. The presence of the Danish driver Nicolaj Moller-Madsen - who is discovering his new environment - in the team, in addition to the very encouraging times set by the French female driver Ingrid Girard, are also worth stressing.

KF3: Palou In Control of the Situation
Alex Palou (CRG-BMB / KVS) came to Spain as the leader of the WSK Euro Series and left it with a title in his pocket! "I would like to thank all the CRG team for their great work because results have been excellent since the beginning of the season", the Spaniard commented at the end of the race. "Here again, I had the right kart to win. I won pre-final B, and when I realised that a second place was largely enough to conquer the title, I did not take any risks during the final. For me, a WSK title in a difficult class such as KF3 really means a lot". Congratulations also to Zachary Claman De Melo, Vitor Baptista (CRG-BMB) who was 5th in his pre-final, and Georgy Antonov (CRG-Parilla/AB Motorsport Racing Team), 8th in the final.


 Euan Jeffery, CRG team manager: “We are very happy for the results we got in this WSK Euro Series, where we won two titles out of four categories. In KF3 we won thanks to Alex Palou, and it was no piece of cake. The first three drivers of the championship battled until the end, and Alex did a great job to bring the title to CRG. We have also other CRG drivers who did very well in KF3, such as Vitor Baptista, who's getting more and more performing, and Zachary Claman Demelo. On the other hand, In KZ2, we didn't make the grade because of the accident occurred to Jordon Lennox in Final-2, after his great victory in Final-1. It's a shame, 'cause we could have got another title. There was a great battle in KF2, and Felice Tiene achieved agreat result arriving in second. Also Ingrid Girard did very well in the heats, while for Nicolaj Moller Madsen we need to take in consideration the factthat it was the first time for him on CRG and he needs more time to get theknack of it. In KZ1 Jorrit Pex managed to get another record in the WSK after the one achieved in the CIK-FIA European Championship. A great result, awesome indeed. Good performance also for Jonathan Thonon and Davide Forè, among the best throughout the whole weekend even though they didn't gather what they deserved in the final; while Fabian Federer managed to do a great recovery. Now, our next appointment is in Sarno, for the KZ1 and KZ2 World Cup, in September."
Jorrit Pex (KZ1): “The WSK Euro Series went really well for me. In Spain too we were very fast since the beginning, without any problem. Every race has its own story, but here we neither  made any mistake, nor had any technical trouble. We conquered the title in the WSK Euro Series dominating the three last events in Val d’Argenton, La Conca and here in Zuera. it was fantastic, I'm really happy. Now I look forward to getting on the track of Sarno, for the World Cup, where we'll try to repeat what we did in the European Championship and in the WSK."

Alex Palou (KF3): “I managed to redeem myself for the bad performance in the European Championship in England, and I'm glad of this title of the WSK Euro Series, won right in my Country. Winning the championship was hard, because there are the best drivers of the world. I want to say thank you to CRG for the assistance they gave me. Now I'm really confident for my next appointment in the KF3 World Cup, which is due next 23rd September here in Zuera."

Jordon Lennox-Lamb (KZ2): “I want to apologize because I overreacted after my accident with Johansson, but I was furious for my rivals' strategy. Now I just want to focus on my next appointments: I will run in the KZ2 World Cup in Sarno and also in the KF2 World Cup here in Zuera. Then I'll close with the KF1 World Championship in Macao. I just want to leave this episode behind."


KZ1: 1. Pex points 209; 2. Dreezen 124; 3. Kozlinski 82; 4. Convers 78; 5. Ardigò 70; 6. Hajek 58; 7. De Conto 57; 8. Hanley 57; 9. Lammers 56; 10. Abbasse 46.

KZ2: 1. Juodvirsis points 178; 2. Negro 137; 3. Orcic 111; 4. Davies 108; 5. Torsellini 99; 6. Lennox 94; 7. Doubek 78; 8. Zanchetta 47; 9. Delli Compagni 42; 10. Arrue 34.

KF2: 1. Leclerc points 232; 2. Tiene 98; 3. Fuoco 90; 4. Barnicoat 83; 5. Camponeschi 76; 6. Verstappen 62; 7. Joyner 51; 8. Fioravanti 44; 9. Olsen 44; 10. Rudakov 37.

KF3: 1. Palou points 211; 2. Ilott 204; 3. Lorandi 163; 4. Russell 121; 5. Kodric 110; 6. Boccolacci 92; 7. Sitnikov 82; 8. Ticktum 70; 9. Corberi 50; 9. Sargeant 43; 10. Ferrucci 32.


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