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Karts, Seat Belts and Rollover Bars

At the end of 2011 a YouTube clipped surfaced showing a junior karter flipping but avoiding serious injury, possibly due to the use of seat belts and rollover bars. Link to that article HERE - the video is also at the bottom of this page.

Just the other day a new clip, below, surfaced of a rollover (surely, it's not the same kid?!) but this time the bar work deformed and caught the driver's crash helmet. Again, serious injury was avoided, but the apparent failure of the roll bar could have had more serious consequences.

Roll bars and seat belts are regulated for use by a number of governing bodies around the world. In Australia, they are a requirement at (edit: many) hire kart centres. Are they something that should be investigated for use here in Australia? Could they improve karting's safety, particularly for junior drivers? Or will they cause more problems than they would solve?

View the clips, have a think, take the poll. If you wish to discuss the matter, head over to the discussion forum on Kartbook.




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