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UK Super One MSA/TKM Series, Round 5

press release

Rond 5 of the Edgar’s Hyundai Super One MSA/TKM Series was run at Rowrah on 18/19 August. With fog, sunshine and rain, the Cumbrian track challenged the drivers with mixed weather and all the finals were held in the wet. That certainly played into the hands of the more experienced drivers whilst other title contenders hit problems.

Above: Enaam Ahmed enjoyed a win and a 2nd in Comer Cadets
pic - Chris Walker,

Comer Cadet
Enaam Ahmed topped the timed qualifying from Ross Martin and Oliver York with local drivers Jonny Edgar – of the title sponsor’s family – and Josh Skelton in fourth and seventh.  Unfortunately recent winner Dean MacDonald was not racing, he cannot win the championship after a technical exclusion earlier in the season. Josh Smith and Ahmed took the heats so Ahmed led off the first final whilst Martin was hung out to dry falling to seventh and only recovering to fifth. Smith stormed into second but lost out to Skelton mid race. For the second final Edgar was gutted to break down on the formation lap of his home race, whilst Smith led all the way from Ahmed and Martin.  Zak Fulk briefly had fourth from Skelton, but retired a couple of laps from the end whilst Teddy Wilson improved seven places to fifth.

Final 1. 1 Enaam Ahmed (Zip) 16 laps in 16m33.72s;  2 Josh Skelton (Zip) + 3.26s;  3 Josh Smith (Zip);  4 Oliver York (Zip);  5; Ross Martin (Wright);  6. Hugo Bently-Ellis (Zip)
Final 2: 1 Smith;  2 Ahmed (+ 0.43s);  3 Martin;  4 Skelton;  5 Teddy Wilson (Zip);  6 York

Above: Cadet Final 2 winner Josh Smith
pic - Chris Walker,

Junior TKM
 Qualifying went well for Jordan Irvine, Stephen Letts and Dino Lee whilst Jack Partridge kept in touch with fourth, although Matthew Round-Garrido was excluded and would have to start the heats last.  Matt Davies won the first heat from Partridge but non-finished the second, Partridge winning.  Letts was then excluded from the meeting for a cylinder head shape infringement.  Alex Forward came off at the start of the first final from the second row, falling back and later retiring. His second row rival Ryan Gray slotted into second but had an off after a few laps. Partridge was untouchable in the lead for a 4s win over Jake Campbell-Mills.  Dino Lee was being caught by Davies storming back through to the end. Partridge led again in the second final, but 6 laps from the end Campbell-Mills turned the tables on him and stretched out a few lengths to win.  Lee threw off an early challenge from Jordan Irvine for third whilst Davies came off at the second hairpin in the slippy conditions and Gray recovered to fifth.

Final 1: 1 Jack Partridge (Jade)  16 laps in 16m04.49s;  2 Jake Campbell-Mills +3.98s (Tonykart);  3 Dino Lee (Tonykart);  4 Matt Davies (ARC);  5 Daniel Baybutt (Jade);  6 Denholm Smith (Tal-ko)
Final 2: 1 Campbell-Mills 17 laps in 17m01.05s;  2 Partridge +2.10s;  3 Lee;  4 Jordan Irvine (Tonykart);  5 Ryan Gray (Tonykart);  6 Baybutt.

Above: Jack Partridge heads up Junior TKM
pic - Chris Walker,

TKM Extreme
Phil Smith had a tiny edge on Paul Monks in the TQ, whilst Alex Thomas suffered an exclusion. Smith took both heats and commanded the first final although he was lucky to finish as a rear wheel was about to fall off. Joe Porter fell back at the start to finish fifth, Ash Crossey, Paul Monks and Ryan Cole ahead of him order unchanged. Scott Fowler was excluded.  Cole grabbed the lead at the start of the second final from Joe Forsdyke but Porter was on the move to the front followed by Forsdyke.  In a somewhat acrimonious fight Porter challenged Cole hard and eventually got through to win, Cole sinking to fourth behind Smith who had briefly enjoyed one lap in the lead.

Above: Phil Smith won the first TKM Extreme final
pic - Chris Walker,

Final 1: 1 Phil Smith (Tonykart)  17 laps in 17m01.67s;  2 Ash Crossey (Tonykart) +3.72s;  3 Ryan Cole (Tal-Ko);  4 Joe Forsdyke (Tal-Ko);  5 Joe Porter (Intrepid);  6 Will Van Es (Tonykart)
Final 2: 1 Porter 16 laps in 16m04.07s);  2 Forsdyke + 0.92s ;  3 Smith;  4 Cole;  5 Crossey;  6 Simon Vercoe (Tal-Ko).

Above: Joe Porter atop the TKM Extreme Final 2 podium
pic - Chris Walker,

KF2 MSA British Kart Championship
Only nine turned up for what should be the UK’s premier championship, a sad reflection on the current senior KF engines.  Mark Litchfield topped timed qualifying comfortably from the young pretender Ben Barnicoat but failed to finish the first heat which Jack Barlow won. Litchfield won the second and the 29 year old relieved Barnicoat of the lead of the first final mid race and pulled a near 7s gap after Barnicoat made a mistake.  Barnicoat was later given a one place penalty which dropped him behind Barlow, probably for the clash at the start.  Barnicoat slotted in behind Litchfield at the start of the second final but became embroiled in a battle with Barlow and Alex Hamilton which allowed Litchfield to go clear once more. With a few laps to run Barlow was shuffled behind Sam Webster but recovered fourth by the end.

Final 1: 1 Mark Litchfield (Zanardi) 18 laps in 16m 02.26s (43mph); 2 Jack Barlow (Intrepid) +06.42s; 3 Ben Barnicoat (ART); 4 Alex Hamilton (Intrepid); 5 Ricky Collard (ART); 6 Jamie Rush (Formula K).
Final 2: 1 Litchfield 19 laps in 16m42.69s; 2 Barnicoat +5.62s; 3 Hamilton; 4 Barlow; 5 Sam Webster (ART); 6 Rush.

Above: Mark Litchfield, KF2
pic - Chris Walker,

Formula KGP
Stefan Di Resta returned for another try and easily beat the regulars, although the brother of the Sahara Force India F1 driver only turned in 9th in timed qualifying.  He, Scott Allen and Bobby Game found their wet tyres deficient to the slick shod Robert Shield and Luca Hirst at the top of the table as the track dried out. But Di Resta carved through to win the first heat from Tom Healy whilst Game had a massive crash when his throttle stuck open, necessitating a new chassis. The same pair were at the front of the second heat, but Denis Gorman non-started. Di Resta traded the lead in the first final with Healy, getting back to the front well before the flag, whilst Jake Hughes crashed.  Game soon relieved Allen of third, until a wheel fell off, promoting Allen with Fraser Wallace next. Di Resta enjoyed a lights to flag victory in the second final, as Healy’s engine failed to start effectively putting Wallace on the front row but he faded rapidly back. John Pike inherited second as Allen was hit from behind and fell to fifth albeit storming back through to second on his own-built Jade kart. Game and Gorman were slicing through the field to reach fourth and fifth behind Jonathan Davis, and putting Pike behind them both.  Sam Randon, who was having his first senior race after a try-out in KF3, hit mechanical problems and rushed into the pits only to be excluded for the too fast approach.

Final 1: 1 Stefan Di Resta (Birel) 18 laps in 16m29.64s;  2 Tom Healy (Birel) +4.05s;  3 Scott Allen (Jade);  4 Fraser Wallace (Maranello);  5 John Pike (Lotus);  6 Jonathan Davis (Intrepid).
Final 2: 1 Di Resta (18 laps in 16m 22.71s;  2 Allen +8.32s; 3 Davis; 4 Bobby Game (Birel);  5 Denis Gorman (Maranello);  6  Pike.

Above: Stefan Di Resta (Birel) won both Finals in KGP
pic - Chris Walker,

KF3 MSA Junior British Kart Championship
Alex Gill turned the tables on his marauding rivals amidst a 21 kart field, although it was Martin Kodric who was fastest in timed qualifying over double KF3 European champion George Russell and Nathan Aston, Gill only seventh.  Aston won the first heat from Gill, whilst Russell won the other, also from Gill putting him on pole for the first final. Russell and Kodric had tangled in a heat, with the Croatian driver hurting his arm but continuing. In what was probably the wettest race of all, Gill had an uninterrupted run to the chequer, nearly 5s to the good over Josh Price who had stormed up from eleventh on the grid. Darius Karbaley was doing his championship position lots of good with third, Aston and the Sahara Force India driver Jehan Daruvala next. Kodric was out at the start, Russell also off but climbing back to eighth. For the second final Karbaley tucked in behind Gill for the duration whilst Price dropped back briefly then established himself in third over Aston and Russell. Daruvala and Kodric were both excluded for driving standards. Kodric clashed with James Kellett early on, Sammy Oram-Jones lucky to get through for a good sixth after the exclusions. Kodric had passed Daruvala for sixth on the last lap having come from the back but it was Gill’s day to restore his title hopes. Daruvala’s compatriot Arjun Maini got the Rookie Trophy for his ninth place.

Final 1: 1 Alex Gill (Wright/IAME) 18 laps in 16m30.13s;  2 Josh Price + 4.50s (Intrepid/Vortex);  3 Darius Karbaley (Alonso/Vortex);  4 Nathan Aston(Intrepid/TM);  5 Jehan Daruvala (Alonso/Vortex);  6 Samuel Oram-Jones ( Intrepid/TM).
Final 2: 1 Gill 18 Laps in 16m11.55s; 2 Karbaley +1.64s; 3 Price; 4 Aston;  5 George Russell (Intrepid/TM);  6 Oram-Jones.

Above: Alex Gill (Wright) was another driver to win both finals
pic - Chris Walker,