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2012 Far North Queensland Titles

from Annette

The Cairns Kart Racing Club hosted the 2012 'My Style Homes' FNQ Titles on Saturday 25th August at their Edmonton circuit.

1st        Raith Sheerans        (Townsville)
2nd       Brodie Davis             (Cairns)
3rd       Will Wright                 (Cairns)
Raith Sheerans was the dominant driver of this class winning both heats and prefinal before taking out the title. The final saw a seesawing battle throughout between Raith Sheerans and Brodie Davis. Will Wright drove well in the final to just pip out Sam King for the third podium spot.

Above: Cadet Brodie Davis, Lochlan Dew (sitting on tyres, Mt Isa), & Ashley Ewing

Above: Cadets, #39 Brodie Davis, #15Raith Sheerans (Tsv), #7 Sam King and #67 Matthew Bishop (Mt Isa)

1st        Jordan Dew              (Mt Isa)
2nd       Zac Ewing                 (Cairns)
3rd       Nathan Granata       (Townsville)
Jordan Dew, Zac Ewing and Nathan Granata battled all day with the final going right down to the wire.

Above: Rookies, #20 Jorden Dew (Mt Isa), #6 Nathan Granata, #3 Zac Ewing

Junior National Light       
1st        Jarva Sheerans        (Townsville)
2nd       Matthew Foyle          (Cairns)
3rd       Zac Pattel                  (Townsville)
Matthew Foyle was the dominant driver winning both heats and prefinal, however a tight tussle in the final saw Jarva Sheerans take the podium win.

Junior National Heavy     
1st        Joshua Smith           (Townsville)
2nd       William Foyle            (Cairns)
3rd       John Underwood     (Cairns)
Joshua Smith was the outstanding driver of this class winning both heats and finals, setting a fast pace all day. It was a tight battle for the minor places between William Foyle, John Underwood and Brendan Granata (Townsville).

Junior Clubman                
This was also the first of a four round series of the North Queensland Junior Clubman Series.
1st        Joshua Smith           (Townsville)
2nd       William Foyle            (Cairns)
3rd       John Underwood     (Cairns)
Joshua Smith dominated this class. Minor places were battled out between William Foyle, John Underwood and Roland Legge (MacKay).

Above: Junior Clubman roll up lap

Above: Jnr Clubman, #10 Roland Legge, #7 Josh Smith, #6 William Foyle, #97 John Underwood, #96 Emmily O’Brien and #13 Zac Pattel

Senior National Light        (Ages 16+)
1st        Lydon Dodge           (Cairns)
2nd       Todd Stevens           (MacKay)
3rd       Tessa Underwood   (Cairns)
Lydon Dodge dominated this class all day. The final saw Tessa Underwood take and hold a respectable lead for most of the race. As the final drew to a close, Lydon Dodge closed in and took the lead leaving Tessa Underwood to fend off Todd Stevens. He passed her on the final lap to take second position.

Above: #9 Lydon Dodge and #95 Tessa Underwood, Senior National Light

Senior National Heavy     
1st        Adam Ruzgy’s          (MacKay)
2nd       Craig Beehag           (Cairns)
3rd       Nic Beehag               (Cairns)
Close tussle between all of these drivers throughout the racing.

Above: Senior National Heavy, Adam Ruzgys #77 and Craig Beehag #5

Sportsman Light                           
1st        Lydon Dodge                        (Cairns)
2nd       Lexi Underwood                   (Cairns)
3rd       Matthew Whitehead                        (Mt Isa)
After dominating the heats and prefinal Lydon Dodge had his work cut out in the final as Matthew Whitehead found great speed to take the lead off the start. Unfortunately for Matthew Whitehead, engine trouble ended his title hopes but he fought back to take a respectable third.

Above: Sportsman Light, #9 Lydon Dodge, #84 Matthew Whitehead

Sportsman Heavy             
1st        Thomas Janusz       (Cairns)
2nd       Julian Laws              (Cairns)
3rd       Ben Taylor                 (Cairns)
After setting the fast race pace throughout the heats and prefinal it was unfortunate to see the two fastest drivers in Matt Coulson and Blake Harris DNF the final. This left the gate open for Thomas Janusz and Julian Laws who had been sitting behind these guys to take the lead and podium positions. Ben Taylor kept in touch to complete the podium positions.

Above: Sportsman Heavy, #95 Matthew Coulson, #61 Blake Harris, Thomas Janusz, Ben Taylor, #85 Julian Laws, #21 Glen Wilkins

Sportsman Super Heavy
1st        Nic Beehag               (Cairns)
2nd       Ryan MacKenzie     (Mt Isa)
3rd       Glen Wilkins             (Cairns)
Nic Beehag dominated this class winning both heats and the prefinal. Ryan McKenzie, Glen Wilkins and Michael Barkley (Cairns) fought out the minor places.

Sportsman Over 40’s
1st        Craig Beehag           (Cairns)
2nd       Andy Lane                (Cairns)
3rd       Dave Coulson          (Cairns)
Craig Beehag dominated in all heats, prefinal and Final . Leaving  Andy Lane and Dave Coulson to fight out for the minor places.

Tag 100        
1st        Mark Ezzy                  (Cairns/Mt Isa)
2nd       Mark Stover               (Cairns)
3rd       Cameron King          (Cairns)
After a good start from Mark Stover in the first heat it was Mark Ezzy who then found his timing and pace to take out the remaining races, including the title. The minor places were determined in a tight battle with Wayne Boylett (Cairns) who raced well all day, Graham O’Brien (Mt Isa) and Cameron King (Cairns).

Above: #21 Mark Ezzy, #42 Mark Stover, #50 Wayne Boylett and #17 Cameron King in TaG 100

Above: Cadets on the grid, #67 Matthew Bishop and #8 Ashley Ewing