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Queensland Closed State Titles

from Darren Ey

Great conditions in Bundaberg gave way to some great racing for the Sunfam 2012 Qld Closed State Titles. There was close racing in all classes and many were fought to the last corner of the 21 lap Finals. Full results on CMS HERE.

Above: Hayden Stephensen (28) and Denis Butler (17) do battle in Clubman Light
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

A great field of Cadets put on some spectacular racing and we also saw the lap record smashed by Harrison Hoey in qualifying. At the front it was really a race in two between Jack Doohan & Harrison Hoey who were nose to tail all weekend and with Harrison taking out the first two heats it looked like he had the edge over Doohan but Doohan stepped up to take the pre final & final. Lachlan Hughes worked hard all weekend but just didn’t have the pace of the front two.

1st Jack Doohan, 2nd Harrison Hoey, 3rd Lachlan Hughes, 4th Jai Brown, 5th Joel Jamerson

Above: Jack Doohan (3) and Harrison Hoey (97) battle in Cadets
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Everyone was expecting Josh Rodger to take this one out but no one told Harrison Oddie or Jayden Gollan this. Harrison Oddie had the pace all weekend and really no one could get close to him after he had a second in heat one. After one of the worst race starts I've seen in years, he flew through the field to take second but from then on it was all plain sailing until the final was over. Jayden Gollan came back from a DNF in the second heat to show he going to be a force to be reckoned with as well.

1st Harrison Oddie, 2nd Jayden Gollan , 3rd Joshua Rodgers, 4th Declan Fraser, 5th Max Adams.

Junior National Light
A great field of Lights took to the track and gave us some fantastic racing from the front to the rear of the field. The main battle of the weekend was between William Brown & Russell Wittaker who traded punches all weekend, until Mitchell Bennett stepped up in the final. Local favorite Jacob Bright struggled all weekend to make an impact on the front runners.

1st William Brown, 2nd Mitchell Bennett, 3rd Russell Wittaker, 4th Ben Wilcox, 5th Jacob Bright.

Above: Jeremy Landt won everything in TaG Light, but DNF'd the final
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Junior National Heavy
These guys certainly put on some great racing with mixed results for many drivers. Jacob Bright set a blistering time in qualifying closely followed by Roland Legg and Cody Ey. Once the racing started things changed with Bright having a DNF in heat 2 and the final, then Ey got taken out 2 laps from home in the final after holding 2nd for most of the race. Connor Robertson also drove well to take a heat win giving away almost 10 kg to his competitors.

1st Roland Legg, 2nd Callum Walker , 3rd Connor Robertson, 4th Jordon Kidas, 5th Dean Weigman.

Qld Junior Performance
Only a small field but these guys were quick and the parity between the Clubman’s and the water cooled engine was excellent. The main battle was between Jordi Marcon (X30) and Roland Legg (Clubman) and these guys went at with Legg taking the prefinal easily but Marcon made some good changes for the final which really paid off.

1st Jodi Marcon Legg, 2nd Roland Legg , 3rd James Litzo, 4th James Wilcons, 5th William Foyle.

Senior National 150Kg
A reasonably small field but the racing was very close and the final was a thriller with the top four karts nose to tail for the entire race. Oliver Etter was the pace setter all weekend and didn’t have it all his own way in the final with comeback kid Jayden Coop leading for most of the final only to pushed back to 4th in the dying stages of the race with the lead changing several times, but in the end it was Oliver who took the silver wear home.

1st Oliver Etter, 2nd Todd Stevens, 3rd Black Worboys, 4th Jayden Coop, 5th Nicholas Dalton.

Above: TaG 125 Light winner Klinton Hancey
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Clubman Light
Brody Chardon was the man who set the pace in the first two heats until Troy Loeskow found something to take the pre final. Troy took a good lead into the final until a red flag incident stopped the race. On the restart Loeskow got pushed back and never bounced back from that leaving Nicholas Dalton & the ever consistent Scott Hynes to fight it out.

1st Nicholas Dalton, 2nd Scott Hynes, 3rd Luke Fynn, 4th Troy Losckow, 5th Brody Chardon.

Clubman Heavy
Well these blokes just went at it as usual and Rylee Walton took heat 1 only to retire from the weekend with damaged ribs in heat 2 which was disappointing. Hayden Stevenson was at the pointy end all weekend but Luke Jones & Craig Butler put up a great fight in the final to keep Stephenson honest. It was great to see Adrian Flack back after quite a long lay off from karting.

1st Hayden Stephenson, 2nd Luke Jones, 3rd Craig butler, 4th Adrian Flack, 5th Ashley MacMaster.

Above: Clubman Heavy winner Hayden Stephenson
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Clubman Super Heavy
John Rowley started with a DNF but after that he was never troubled taking every race thereafter. It was a good battle for the minor placings with Thomas Janusz from Cairns battling with local Rob Richards. 15 laps into the final Richards kart went off which left Janusz to take 2nd. Travis Martin battled hard all weekend but couldn’t find the pace of the front runners. 

1st John Rowley, 2nd Thomas Janusz, 3rd Dale McDonnell, 4th Rob Richards, 5th Travis Martin.

TAG Restricted 125 @ 170Kg
Everyone expected local Andrew Pearson to take this class after having great pace all year in Bundaberg but someone failed to tell Ryan Kennedy that who was unstoppable all weekend. So on to the minor placings with veteran Robin Peterson getting it right for the final and after Peterson & Pearson came together Jeremy Sonter went in to take second.

1st Ryan Kennedy, 2nd Jeromy Sonter, 3rd Roy Hall, 4th Damien Brasher, 5th Robin Peterson.

Above: Troy Loeskow (17) and Brett Sinkins (12) do battle in TaG Light
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Tag 125 Light
No one could lay a glove on Jeremy Landt who was very quick and looked like it was only a matter of turning up for the final, and after Landt and Troy Losckow came together at the start of the final it was all over for Landt & Loskow who both had a DNF. Klinton Hansey, who had played second fiddle to Landt all weekend, said thankyou very much and went on to take the title.

1st Klinton Hancey, 2nd Clem Omara, 3rd Jayden Coop, 4th Sharon Jenke, 5th Brett Sinkins.

Above: Jack Doohan and his dad
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998

Above: Clubby Heavy final, Hayden Stephensen leads Luke Jones
pic - Ian Ward, Trans Action Sports - 0417 356 998