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Australians Set For IAME International Final

AKA media 9 October 2012

Australia will have four representatives in the IAME International Final to be held on the Actua Circuit du Lyon in France on October 18-21.

Fresh from a strong run in their home state championships in Bunbury last weekend, Western Australia drivers will lead the charge to France with father and son duo of Kip and Scott Foster being joined by James Allen at the prestigious event. Also lining up will be Gold Coast teenager Joshua Crossingham.

Above: WA's Scott Foster will compete in the X30 Senior category
pic - Real Deal Media

Scott Foster, Allen and Crossingham will line up in the X30 Senior ranks and Kip Foster in the X30 Masters category.

The event will see more than 179 competitors suit up, with competitors using their own choice of chassis fitted with Komet tyres (made by MG) and powered by the IAME X30 engine. It has attracted drivers from around the globe, bringing the best drivers from the five continents.

Australia has enjoyed success in this event previous with Victorian Lee Mitchener taking out the X30 Masters category in 2010. Australian IAME importer Remo Luciani says this event is one of the most affordable opportunities for Australian drivers to compete at an overseas event and is confident of a good showing by the Australian drivers in 2012.

With the approval of CIK-FIA and with the participation of famous teams and manufacturers, IAME intends to offer a new benchmark in Karting competitions, providing values of friendly atmosphere, sporting fairness and high level Karting at affordable costs.

Above: KartForce driver Kip Foster will be one of four Aussies in action at the IAME International Final
pic - Real Deal Media

"I have been involved in karting for over 30 years and am still an active racer today so I understand how hard it can be to achieve your goals and sometimes those opportunities only come once in a lifetime, I am passionate about the sport of Karting in Australia and want to give everyone this great opportunity to represent their country and achieve their goals and especially to those who could never afford to race in international competition,” said Luciani.

“The drivers we have assembled in the Australian contingent are some of the best we’ve got going around and I’m really excited about the opportunity of success that we should have in a couple of week’s time.”

Along with the prestige, the drivers will also be vying for some great prizes from IAME which include IAME X30 engines, Stilo helmets, Komet tyres, Wladoil and Freem racing apparel.

2012 IAME International Final - Entry List

1 Aaron Kerger (LUX)
2 Adam Isman (CAN)
3 Adrian Nerguti (FRA)
4 Adrien Lafille (FRA)
5 Alexandre Gadois (FRA)
6 Alexandre Rodrigues (FRA)
7 Alexis Berthet (FRA)
8 Alexis Castellon (FRA)
9 Alexis Zervos (GR)
10 Andrea Sgamma (ITA)
11 Andréa Suau (FRA)
12 Andreas Nesset (NOR)
13 Anthony Ceribella (FRA)
14 Anthony Cout (FRA)
15 Anthony Fotia (FRA)
16 Anthony Rochez (BEL)
17 Baptiste De La Brosse (FRA)
18 Bastien Heron (FRA)
19 Biagio Mancina (CH)
20 Brice Zyto (FRA)
21 Carlo Piccolo (ITA)
22 Céderic Gutknecht (FRA)
23 Charlotte Lionet (FRA)
24 Christian Hildebrand (GER)
25 Christian Olsen (DEN)
26 Christopher Chamard (FRA)
27 Clément Bordaggi (FRA)
28 Clément Chillet (FRA)
29 Corentin Colignon (FRA)
30 Cyril Cuisiner (FRA)
31 David Kolkmann (GER)
32 Dominik Siegenthaler (CH)
33 Enzo Mantello (FRA)
34 Fabian Kurt Komor (GER)
35 Frederic Shandorff (DEN)
36 Fuma Horio (JAP)
37 Giacomo Napolitano (FRA)
38 Guillame Monseratte (FRA)
39 Hugo Vincentini (FRA)
40 Ingrid Girard (FRA)
41 Jacob Duvall (USA)
42 James Allen (AUS)
43 Jeoffrey Rouchy (FRA)
44 Jérémy Lopez (FRA)
45 Jérémy Troilo (FRA)
46 Joel Robert Jens (USA)
47 Johan Bourassin (FRA)
48 John Barbe (FRA)
49 Joshua Crossingham (AUS)
50 Jules Gounon (FRA)
51 Julian Hanses (GER)
52 Julio Wolf (BRA)
53 Kenny Vermeylen (BEL)
54 Kevin Olivares (PER)
55 Kevin Tangeland (NOR)
56 Laurent Absolonne (BEL)
57 Lucas Exbrayat (FRA)
58 Lucas Frayssinet (FRA)
59 Mario Chang (PER)
60 Matias Nicolas Milla (ARG)
61 Mattias Borges Martins (FRA)
62 Maxime Carpena Maximiano (BEL)
63 Mickael Potain (FRA)
64 Mickaël Vidal (FRA)
65 Nicolas Perez (FRA)
66 Oskar Sandberg (NOR)
67 Pascal Von Allmen (CH)
68 Pavlos Xynos (GR)
69 Pierre-Henri Janicault (FRA)
70 Quentin Porte (FRA)
71 Rodrigo Pflucker (PER)
72 Romain Digard (FRA)
73 Romain Quezada (FRA)
74 Scott Foster (AUS)
75 Scott Hargrove (CANADA)
76 Sébastien Rambaud (FRA)
77 Severin Amwig (CH)
78 Simen Grahnstedt (NOR)
79 Steven Nuvolini (FRA)
80 Sylver Garcia (FRA)
81 Tadasuke Makino (JAP)
82 Taylor Greenfield (PER)
83 Thibault Rinaudo (FRA)
84 Thomas Letailleur (FRA)
85 Thomas Maingre (FRA)
86 Vincent Fraysse (FRA)
87 Vukan Vusurovic (ITA)
88 Yannich Prillwitz (GER)
89 Yannick Grau (FRA)
90 Yoann Mazgarean (CH)

1 Alberto Feijoo (PER)
2 Carlos Nostre (PER)
3 Christophe Adams (BEL)
4 Christophe Simonaggio (FRA)
5 Cyril Collinot (FRA)
6 David Chenilot (FRA)
7 Florian Nerguti (FRA)
8 Frédéreic Blin (FRA)
9 Frédéreic Ostier (FRA)
10 Guty Michelsen (PER)
11 Hakim Ait Houaret (FRA)
12 Henrick Heskildsen (DEN)
13 Hugo Solorzano (PER)
14 James Derrig (USA)
15 James Jr. Russel (USA)
16 Jean -Claude Chapuis (FRA)
17 Jean-Claude Panisset (FRA)
18 José Beccera (BEL)
19 José Pires (FRA)
20 Juan Gumucio Cristobal (RCH)
21 Kip Foster (AUS)
22 Lorenzo Risso Montes (PER)
23 Luc Lefevre (BEL)
24 Luca Blasi (BEL)
25 Marco Olivares (PER)
26 Mario Barrios (PER)
27 Mathieu Monier (FRA)
28 Miguel Perez (ARG)
29 Nicolas Martinand (FRA)
30 Olivier Michon (FRA)
31 Pierre Allemand (FRA)
32 Pierrick Porte (FRA)
33 Rémy Provost (FRA)
34 Roberto Svagelj (PER)
35 Ronnie Hyde (CAN)
36 Samy Nerguti (FRA)
37 Sebastian Castro (RCH)
38 Sergio Panicali (PER)
39 Stephanié Bielande (BEL)
40 Steve Cognet (FRA)
41 Thierry Raccamier (FRA)
42 Tino Donadei (ITA)
43 Wilco Schaaphok (NL)
44 Yann Penlou (FRA)

1 Adeline Prudent (FRA)
2 Alessandro Felber (CH)
3 Amaury Bonduel (FRA)
4 Aurélien Marion (FRA)
5 Charles Machado (FRA)
6 Dustin Stross (USA)
7 Evan Meunier (FRA)
8 Frederik Dupond (DEN)
9 Gilles Magnus (BEL)
10 Guillame Deflandre (BEL)
11 Jorge Vitar (ARG)
12 Juan Manuel Casella (ARG)
13 Jules Bollier (FRA)
14 Julien Andlauer (FRA)
15 Julien Darras (FRA)
16 Kilian Bacconnet (FRA)
17 Loris Armano (LUX)
18 Luca Antonucci (FRA)
19 Maxime Potty (BEL)
20 Maximilien Gomez (FRA)
21 Michelle Alder (GER)
22 Nicolas Dapero (ARG)
23 Olivier Palmaers (BEL)
24 Peter Bielefeldt (DEN)
25 Sacha Semestraz (ARG)
26 Sergio Santos Sette Camara Jr. (BRA)
27 Teddy Tichon (FRA)
28 Theodoros Zacharelis (GR)
29 Tobias Dauenhauer (GER)
30 Vivien Dingert (GER)

1 Andreas Brøgger (DEN)
2 Florian Latorre (BEL)
3 Jérôme Dufourc (FRA)
4 Jimmy Vd Ende (NLD)
5 Julien Mougeole (FRA)
6 Mathieu Klinger (FRA)
7 Mike Halder (GER)
8 Pablo Adorno (ARG)
9 Philip Viljoen (ZA)
10 Raoul Marechet (FRA)
11 Romain Paul (BEL)
12 Ronnie Bremer (DEN)
13 Stephane Dauga (FRA)
14 Thierry Delre (BEL)
15 Yannick Valienti (FRA)

Australian drivers who have competed overseas in the IAME International Final

Michael Goss (South Australia)
Kevin Millard (Victoria)
Rick Pringle (Victoria)
David Sera (Victoria)
Kel Treseder (Queensland)
Ben Walter (Victoria)
Ryan Sanderson (Queensland)
Adam Hughes (Victoria)
Grant Smith (Victoria)
John Grother (Queensland)
Lee Mitchener (Victoria)
Brett Fortainer (South Australia)