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ROK Cup Update From South Garda

from Dennis Sandrone 11 October 2012

Tuesday October 10 saw the first of formal practice at the South Garda Circuit. The weather was a little cooler at 22 degrees and cloudy. Fortunately, however, no rain to speak off.

In Super Rok, Travis Millar (Vic) continued the form from the weekend to be competitive in the morning sessions and used the afternoon sessions to try various setups to gain a better understanding of the track conditions considering the track was now rubbering up on similar Rok “Bridgestone” rubber.    

Above: The Karting World Junior Rok Team, R-L Andrew Kahl, Chris Sandrone and Cody Gilis

In the Junior Rok class Andrew Kahl (NSW), Cody Gilis (NSW) and Chris Sandrone (NSW) are in Group 1 whilst Kurt Kosteki (WA) was in Group 3. All the boys performed extremely well with Andrew Kahl finishing in the top 5 in the final section with a 44.985, Chris Sandrone 9th with a time of 45.12, Cody Giles 17th with a time of 45.191 and Kurt Kosteki 29th with a time 45.370.  Not a bad effort from he boys considering it was a 76 strong field.    

Jack Bell (Vic) continued his form in Mini Rok from the week topping the time sheets in his group in the final session of the day and was constantly in the top 3. 

Asking Jack about this experiences from Italy so far: “I’m having so much fun and the racing is so close. The experience I’m having here is one of the best I have ever had. I would like to thank Greg Smith for this fantastic opportunity”. 

Following on from Jack, we would all like to thank Greg Smith from Tonykart Australia, Mark Rottenbury and Adam Hunter from Karting World, Matt Greenbury from G Force Karting and all the Mums and Dads.  This is an “Australian” Team effort not without its challenges.

Tomorrow we have 2 more practice sessions then the all important qualifying in the afternoon.