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Vintage Bug On The Market

  16 October 2012

The vintage karting scene continues to steam along with more and more people getting involved, particularly former karters who are a little disenchanted with the current karting scene and technology, and wish to continue to play with the machines of an era they more fondly remember.

Glenn Maher is an individual with a long history in the sport, and he's got a machine that might be of interest to others already in the vintage scene, or those looking to join in.

Maher has for sale a 1964 reproduction Bug Sprint Kart, made by the same company that built the karts back in the sixties.

Built up in 2008, the kart is fitted with twin McCulloch 93 engines (each engine comes with, twin methanol Tillotson carby’s, V12 intake manifold, new Horstman clutch, Horstman muffler) and new twin 150 Airheart brakes on the rear axle.

"This is one of two Twin Bug Karts in Australia and is registered with the Vintage Club" Maher told KartSportNews.

"It would be an ideal way to get into vintage racing karts. Like most vintage karts, this kart was put together with the best equipment of the era."

Maher said what makes this kart of particular interest is the fact it's a pre-1970s design.

"There are lots of 1980s era karts around, but stuff from before the seventies is pretty rare. And this is a rear engined kart, not a 'sidewinder' which is more common."

Asking price is $5,500. Questions and queries to Glenn on 0439 359 791.