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The Gold Coast Kart Prix Tradition Continues

  2 November 2012

from Belinda Wood

This year the annual Gold Coast Kart Prix travelled to the Greer Park Raceway, Toowoomba. The Gold Coast Club would like to thank the Toowoomba kart club for letting us host one of our favourite events, and whilst the pursuit continues for a home track, it is fantastic we are able to continue to hold the Kart Prix. This event has been a part of the club's history since the mid 1980s.

To our sponsors, including Kaos Karting, Pacific Kartsports, Steeles Distribution, Champions Way Kart Supplies and Keith for Wheels a big thank you for the wonderful prizes.

Racing at the Kart Prix this year could have had a sense of déjà vu for some people with the commentator announcing names like Tatnell, Johnson, Morgan - all these Cadets had fathers compete in Karting many moons ago, but it was Lachlan Hughes who won 4 from 4. He didn’t have it all his way as Bailey Hall took the fight right up to him all day and Tomas Gasperak rounded out  the top 3. As for the next generation Cadets, it's only early days for their aspiring motor racing careers.

Clubman Light
The local Scott Hynes, one of Toowoomba’s most decorated juniors, stepped up to Seniors and has carried on his dominance at this venue. The challenges come from Andrew Walker and Neil Schimke who took second and third respectively, but never getting close enough to Hynes as we went on to win all 4 heats.

Junior National Light
With only 9 in the field and 7 of them D-grade licence holders, it left William Brown and Thomas Steele at the front to fight it out and they didn’t disappoint in the first 3 races. Both traded the lead countless times even side-by-side with Brown (a CIK round winner) and Thomas (doing a lot of racing in Sydney) out to show the rest of us what a talent they have become. Great racing boys and look forward to seeing more of it. Oh yeah, Dallas Oksanen finished third.

Junior National Heavy
Dean Weigman, last years Closed Title holder, made it 4 from 4 in a small field of Heavies. Dean is starting to mature now as a real racer.

They never let you down, these guys. It doesn’t matter where, when or who, Rookies generally put on a show and the Kart Prix was no different with Randy Morgan winning from a determined Cameron Shields and Zak Hudson who just lacked that race craft from the front 2 runners. But as they say, it all come with experience, Zak.

Clubman heavy
Joshua Crossingham, fresh from his trip to France, turned up with an air of confidence and he didn’t put a foot wrong winning the first 3 heats easily. Soooooo a certain Steven, we wont name names, Johnson suggested that Josh start rear of field for the final. Mmmm a bit like a feature race ummah. So with Paul Baxter and Peter Bossons on the front row they were out of there. But with one lap to go, Josh from grid 12 passed Baxter to make it 4 from 4 and Peter Bossons with a third place.

PS to Jo Yarwood (yes, that’s Willy's mum); the Gold Coast Kart Club would like to thank you for all your help again this year .