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Ipswich Karting News & Info

  13 November 2012

compiled by John Goddard


At the recent AKA QLD AGM held on the 13/14 October, I was elected to position of AKA QLD President. Furthermore, Richard Losper, our Treasurer was also elected to AKA QLD Treasurer. AKA QLD State Policy requires that any elected Executive position resign from their club Executive position within 30 days and I have therefore tendered my resignation from IKC President effective as of 12th of November.

Fortunately we have a great committee and Ian Mather, our Vice-President, has been gradually taking on the duties for some time now and is therefore prepared for the transition. Filling the void of Treasurer is a different story and Richard has done some great work for this club and will be of great value to our state as well. We will not be abandoning ship, however, and will still be active in the background to assist IKC through to the rapidly approaching AGM and we will not be far away either in the future.

There are a number of issues that karting faces across QLD and I am pleased that such a diverse team that represents the state very well demographically, was elected to the Executive and thus far, I have very much enjoyed working with Don, Jill, John and Richard.

In addition it is very pleasing that some of the competent members of the previous committee have volunteered another year to this great sport and I am sure that collectively we will begin to improve the management of karting in QLD.

We all know some of these people very well due to their vigorous volunteering efforts at IKC such as Chris Robinson and Terry Sheedy.

I can also honestly say that I am going to miss my position at IKC. During my period as President I have seen a lot of positive changes implemented through the great work of our committee and it has been an honor to work with them to see karting and the environment for which we all like to participate within IKC, markedly improve.

If you need to contact me for anything in the future, my mobile will remain the same and please use for email.

Ashley Waardenberg



Ipswich Kart Club would like to thank the very generous and ongoing support shown to the club by the local kart shops and engine builders who put up some fantastic prizes to help make the meeting a great success.

  • Jon from JT Motor Sport at Yatala
  • Greg from Champions Way Kart Supplies at Basin Pocket (Ipswich)
  • Dale from Pacific Kartsport at Yatala
  • Lynda from Kaos Karting at Nerang

They always attend our meetings so please continue to support them like they support for us.



The November meeting was the biggest and possibly the best meeting of the year and took some organising.  We had a few teething problems at the start of the day but they were soon over come.

What was mentioned at the Briefing was carried out to the letter by the Officials, in all a terrific result for the club and all concerned.

Special thanks to Jill Samson acting as Chief Steward who came down from Gladstone and all the other Officials of the Meeting, as usual, they did a great job.

Well done by John Goddard for stepping in as Starter for the day, I believe it opened his eyes to how difficult the job is and I hope other members will put uptheir hand in support of the club.

There were two long stoppages for incidents so to finish at 9pm with all classes getting their promised number of laps was a great effort by the officials, committee and volunteers.

We had a few complaints from competitors in regard to penalties for starting infringements. In light of this and in fairness to all, including the officials on the receiving end, at the December meeting I have decided to trial a Go Pro camera in the starting tower so that any disputes can be quickly dealt with. If there is a close call it can be reviewed on the spot.

Once again, congratulations to all concerned.

Chris Robinson

Above: Drivers' briefing
pic - Apex Photo


The Ipswich Kart Club want to wish William Yarwood all the best with his new venture called Project X Racing based at Slacks Creek.

William had a good representation at the meeting with Bodine Antrobus, Callum Walker, Luke Lane and others running the Exprit Karts. Les Antrobus said it is good to have a local shop to represent the Exprit brand.

William’s many years of racing have netted him over 40 State and over 10 National titles, he is one of Karting’s true gentlemen and most respected and highly decorated performers, we trust his business will be the success he deserves.



Don’t forget to get your teams together for our Prostate Cancer Foundation Enduro on Saturday the 24th November, visit for more details. A number of things for the upcoming event have changed. These include no licence restrictions for TAG Open (entry fee will remain at $250 and 3 hour duration), addition of Light and Heavy divisions for TAG Open/Restricted and Junior National, TAG Restricted and Juniors will now run as a separate 1 hour event (with a reduced entry fee of $150), and can do so as individuals or with a team mate. Rick Fabri has done a fantastic job, working hard to rally enough support to run a JMAX enduro event and there are 11 confirmed entrants, so JMAX will be running.

Note:  Entries will only be accepted by pre-entry and MUST be received by 19th of November.



December 1 is the last meeting of the year and we are finishing the year off with a bang for the competitors.
Ipswich is having 5 minute qualifying for all classes, for Juniors and Seniors, 10 lap heat, 12 lap pre final and 18 lap final, that’s 45 laps with final only counts. Rookies and Cadets get 5 minute qualifying with 9 lap heat, 10 lap pre final and a massive 15 lap final. It represents fantastic value for your money.



Ipswich Kart Club has decided to offer free entry (nomination) to any current Blue or Green plate holder for the class they hold the plate in. Karters want the best competition and this is one way to get it. The best drivers bring out the best in the rest, it makes you strive harder to compete and lifts the overall level of the competition.