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2012 Golden Jubilee Metropolitan Cup

  16 November 2012

from Ana Agathos, photos by Pam Mathews

A very unique meeting was brought to us by North Shore Kart Club at the famous Eastern Creek circuit earlier this month, which was run in reverse for only the second time. Run over two days, the racing was fierce and so was the competition with national front runners attending such as Pierce Lehane, Jason Hryniuk, Matthew Waters and Junior Rotax superstar Joseph Burton-Harris.

Tag Restricted Light

With a huge field of 26 competitors, a damp qualifying run saw David Boyd qualify on the pole. In the final it was local driver aboard his Top Kart, Mitchell Webster, who drove away from a hard charging Kyle Sandona. David Boyd rounded out the podium with UK sensation Jamie Rush, here on debut in Australia, starting from position 23 to position 5.

1st  Mitchell Webster
2nd  Kyle Sandona
3rd David Boyd

Sportsman 125 Heavy

With 15 entries, we saw young 16 year old Mick Saller continue his recent form from the Rotax Pro Tour taking the pole position. Saller was unbeaten all day until the final when local driver Benjamin Ritchie snatched a win with Saller 2nd and Matthew Boylan 3rd.

1st Benjamin Ritchie
2nd Michael Saller
3rd Matthew Boylan

Above: Michael Saller
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Above: Sportsman 125 Heavy podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Junior Rotax

Reece Davidson took the pole in wet conditions ahead of Joseph Burton-Harris. Davidson dominated in the wet first heat but it was a class act from Joseph Burton-Harris as the track dried out later on in the day clinching his third consecutive victory within the last three events. Jayden Ojeda was 2nd with Reece Davidson 3rd.

1st Joseph Burton Harris
2nd Jayden Ojeda
3rd Reece Davidson

Above: Joseph Burton-Harris, Jmax
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Above: Jayden Ojeda on the edge in the wet, J-MAX
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Tag Restricted Heavy

Another big field with 21 entries, but it was Michael Osmond who got it right for the final clinching the win and stopping Derek Lane’s winning ways throughout the heats. Lane was 2nd with pole sitter Beau Levy 3rd.

1st Michael Osmond
2nd Derek Lane
3rd Beau Levy

Above: TaG Restricted Heavy Podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Tag Restricted Super Heavy

Shane Tate was unstoppable being undefeated all day winning everything. Lee Gardiner was 2nd with David Jones home in 3rd.

1st Shane Tate
2nd Lee Gardiner
3rd David Jones

Sportsman 125 Light

Another decent field of 17 entrants but the competition was tough with the likes of Mitchell Hewitt, Jacob Parsons and Nathan Tigani. However, it was Mitch Hewitt who rose above all competitors, taking a comfortable win in the final ahead of Anthony Hulm and Jacob Parsons.

1st  Mitchell Hewitt
2nd Anthony Hulm
3rd Jacob Parsons

Above: Jacob Parsons, Sportsman 125 Light
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Clubman Heavy

Sunday's racing started with a bang with Clubman Heavy. It saw 22 competitors with the likes of Jason Hrynuik and Aaron Borg coming out for the unique chance to run Eastern Creek in a clockwise direction. Hrynuik dominated proceedings until a motor issue preventing him from a start in the final. This left Borg, Saller and Nolan to battle it out with Aaron Borg taking a comfortable win from Michael Saller. Daniel Nolan was 3rd.

1st Aaron Borg
2nd Michael Saller
3rd Daniel Nolan


The Rookie class saw local hotshot Cody Brewczynski take a comfortable pole position. After drama in the pre final, Brewczynski started from position 5 to then take the win ahead of Jessie Attard. Kyle Bonser was 3rd.

1st Cody Brewczynski
2nd Jessie Attard
3rd Kyle Bonser

Junior National Light

In a tough and competitive class, Jayden Ojeda backed up from the previous day to take a commanding win after an early race lead ahead of recently moved up Rookie racer Josh Car. Glen Ormerod rounded out the podium.

1st Jayden Ojeda
2nd Joshua Car
3rd  Glen Omerod

Above: Dimitri Agathos, JNL
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Senior National

With only a field of 6 entries it defiantly didn’t disappoint with a 6-kart freight train in the final. Coming down to the last lap, last corner, it saw a pass between two brothers with Matthew Pritchard passing younger brother Brayden Pritchard for the win. Darren Harris came home 2nd with Brayden Pritchard moved back to 3rd.

1st Matthew Pritchard
2nd Darren Harris
3rd Brayden Pritchard

Senior National Over 40s

Iain Thornton went undefeated all day coasting to victory in the final ahead of Gerald Chait and Maurice Piper.

1st Iain Thornton
2nd Gerald Chait
3rd Maurice Piper

Above: Senior National Over 40s podium
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

Clubman Light

Clubman Light saw two famous names in karting with international experience; Pierce Lehane and Matthew Waters. Lehane qualified on pole but it was Kosmic Racing driver Waters who led home Bryce Davidson in the final. Exprit driver Pierce Lehane was 3rd in a tightly contested final.

1st Matthew Waters
2nd Bryce Davidson
3rd Pierce Lehane

Junior National Heavy

Junior National Heavy was another class which came down to the wire in a hotly contested battle at the front. But it was Dimitri Agathos who out classed his rivals and led home two CRGs in Anthony Gamauf and Reece Davidson.

1st Dimitri Agathos
2nd Anthony Gamauf
3rd Reece Davidson


The Cadets race showed real promise for our up and coming drivers with the two youngsters at the front putting on a show in a tight battle in the closing stages of the final. Zachary Heard battled it out and came out with a triumphant victory ahead of Lewis Hodgson. Jackson Walls was 3rd.

1st  Zachary Heard
2nd Lewis Hodgson
3rd Jackson Walls

Above: Kasey Szymkow, Cadets
pic - Pam Mathews, PamsPix

pics - Pam Mathews, PamsPix