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Arrow Rewards For 2012 Western Cup Champions

  30 November 2012

press release

As part of the 2012 Arrow Rewards Program a $7,500 prize pool was allocated to all the Arrow customers participating in the 2012 Western Cup series.

Arrow Karts Sales & Marketing Manager Steve Johnson said “we wanted to reward all our loyal customers from Western Australia and give them a chance to share in our $100,000 Arrow rewards prize pool allocated across the major series, covering events like the CIK, Pro Tour, National and State Championships in 2012. Western Australia being so remote it is very challenging and expensive for these customers to travel to the eastern seaboard and compete”.

Arrow Karts would like to congratulate the following 2012 Series Champions who qualified for the rewards program by using an Arrow X1/X2 kart during the series:

  • Junior National Light – Nikola Mitic (X1-28J & X2-28J)
  • Junior National Heavy – Nick Rowe (X1-28N & X2-28N)
  • Junior Clubman – Jesse Elliott (X1-28C)
  • Sportsman 100 Heavy – Brenton Magri (X1-31C)
  • Restricted 125 Heavy – Raymond Cochrane (X1-CIK)
  • Sportsman 125 Heavy – Guy Webster (X1E)

Each of these six winners will receive a voucher from Drew Price Engineering (Arrow Karts) and Flat Out Karts to the value of $1,250.00

Once again congratulations to the series winners and thank you to all the Arrow Kart customers that participated in the Western Cup.