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Fun Day Races Kick Off Tiger Season

  23 January 2013

from Sean Phillips

The WA karting season kicked off last weekend for members of the Tiger Kart Club with the annual Fun Day held at Wanneroo Raceway. This meeting is more of a shakedown for the experienced members and a great way to start off nice and easy for the many new members racing for the first time.

Tiana Puglia, Rookies
Above: Tiana Puglia, Rookies
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

The morning offered 3 full practice sessions and then into the 3 heat format race day on the fast 780mtr short track.

It was very encouraging to see so many P-plate drivers in all classes, particularly the Cadets where we had over 12 new Cadet members inducted  through our new “driver readiness test” the week before, so they can now hit the track in a safe and controlled manner.

Our hard working committee ran the meeting filling all the roles from trolley duties through to chief stewards and were on hand to assist our newest members with anything they needed to understand.

Ryan Patterson, Junior National Light
Above: Ryan Patterson, Junior National Light
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

Although the meeting was just a fun day the racing as usual ends up being fierce and some great battles were had in most races. Thankfully the carnage was at a minimum.

The winners on the day were:

  • Memphis Knowles - Cadets
  • Tiana Puglia - Rookies
  • Luke Bird – JNL
  • Robert Hooper – JNH
  • Aaron Grossman – JC
  • Nick Tester – SNL
  • Gary Beckhurst – SNH
  • John Summerfield – SNSH
  • Steven Summerfield – SL
  • Chris Preston – SH
  • Chris Unstead – 125 H
  • Graham Pirrie – 125 L
  • Mathew Farrant – R125L
  • Mark Unstead – R125H
  • Daniel Clarke – Open

Next weekend the Tiger Kart Club holds WA’s first open meeting on the same track but this time under lights on Saturday night for the Australia Day Open. It should be a great nights racing and an awesome way to really kick off the 2013 karting season.

Cadet racer Aaron Cohen
Above: Cadet racer Aaron Cohen
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

Senior National Super Heavy winner John Summerfield does the 'Vettel finger'
Above: Senior National Super Heavy winner John Summerfield does the 'Vettel finger'
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

Daniel Montgomery, JNH
Above: Daniel Montgomery, JNH
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

Daniel Clark, Open class
Above: Daniel Clark, 1st place in Open class
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC

Jett Demarte, Cadets
Above: Jett Demarte, Cadets
pic - Sean Phillips/TKC