MyChron-4 by AIM

There’s more to the My-Chron 4 than just a pretty face...

Check out these advanced features:

The System that can grow with you and is up gradeable to include

  • Track Mapping
  • Wheel Speed
  • 2 Temperatures
  • Two configurable Alarm Leds
  • Configurable shift led
  • Intuitive menu design for easy configuration
  • Automatic start
  • Long battery life (up to 200 hours with an internal 9V battery)
  • No PC Needed - you can see graphs on the DISPLAY
  • or download if you require to analyse your data more extensively

The introduction of the new My-Chron 4 brings with itself a new way of showing the most important information acquired in test sessions, races and analysis sitting:

RPM, Temperatures and Lap time - We’ve stepped up our technology with a pixel-based graphical display that easily shows large, easy to read numbers (like exhaust temps), sharp, detailed histograms and graphs (like torque curves), even graphics (like team logos).

Get more from your My-Chron 4 without the need to connect to a laptop, as you view power curves and RPM histograms right on the display. Replay your entire racing session as soon as you get off the track.

Sensors connect to your My-Chron 4 and feed it data from your kart.
Measure your water temperature, the temperature of your exhaust or cylinder head and keep your engine at peak performance without losing control.

Make a quick check of your data right away with instant playback, making the most of your on track time.

As always you can see your lap times as whole laps or partial laps (segments / splits).

Quickly compare times between laps to see what worked and what didn’t.
And, as always, we stepped things up a notch by providing Forecast Lap Time – a first in karting gauges.

Download your data into the optional Data-Key, a compact interface that collects data from the My-Chron 4 and transfers it to the PC through the USB connection, ready to be analyzed by our powerful Race Studio 2 software.

My-Chron 4 Kart pricing (Aust $, RRP includes GST)

  • My-Chron 4 Mag (with Magnetic Strip Sensor) $620.00
  • My-Chron 4 Mag Kit 1 (with Magnetic Strip Sensor, EGT or H20 or CHT)  $730.00
  • My-Chron 4 IR (with Infra Red Sensor / Beacon) $670.00
  • My-Chron 4 IR Kit 1 (with Infra Red Sensor / Beacon EGT or H2O or CHT) $765.00
  • My-Chron 4  Data Key  $185.65

AIM SPORTSYSTEMSRon Burns -  Ph 02 42 831 855, Mobile 0418 424 560

Further information regarding AIM Sportsystems in Australia HERE.
Further information regarding MyChron-4 is HERE.



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