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KartSportNews.com is Australia's primary source of online competition kart racing news and information.

A bit of history: For those who do not know me, I have been involved in karting since 1983, both as a competitor and within the industry. I was employed by KartOz Magazine (the original one that closed in 2004, not the title that now passes itself off as KartOz) in the position of Editor for three years (Sept 1999 to Sept 2002) after which I decided to become a part-time contributor and set up business in IT Training (see WicksTechnic.com). For several years I also wrote the majority of the karting content for print publication Motorsport News and their weekly internet publication Motorsport eNews.

Mark Wicks, Rotax World FinalMy on-track karting highlight was competing in and winning the 2003 Rotax World Final in the 35+ Masters division, and finishing 8th outright in Senior MAX. This was held in Egypt in January 2004 (pic, right). In addition to a lot of karting in many different classes, I've also done quite a bit of car racing - see the racing section on WicksTechnic.com.

With the unfortunate demise of KartOz in 2004, Australia's karting media consisted of one printed monthly publication - and very little else. Later that year, and after teaching myself about website creation, KartSportNews went online with some results, photos, news and information.

To say the subsequent interest and feedback was positive would be a massive understatement. The site quickly established itself as a primary point of reference for Australian karters and industry alike.

How things are today: KartSportNews is updated almost every day - I can't do every day as I have a job that also requires attention! Australian content is the main focus, but relevant international products, news and results are also covered.

KartSportNews is not associated with any other karting publication, print or online. It's also not aligned with any of the governing bodies - ALL types of competiton kart racing are included, regardless of who runs it.

So, as I said when the site opened; if you like what you see, tell your friends. If you don't like what you see, tell me.

Good Luck on the race track.

Mark Wicks


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