Ferrari Driver Academy / Tony Kart Test

  15 October 2016

Ferrari Driver Academy and Tony Kart Racing Team conducted their first official public engagement with a test session at the Lonato circuit in Italy on Thursday.

Ferrari Driver Academy drivers Charles Leclerc, Antonio Fuoco and Giuliano Alesi joined the official Tony Kart racing team drivers Marco Ardigò, Marcus Armstrong, Luca Corberi, Leonardo Marseglia, Guido Moggia, Clement Novalak, Jean Baptiste Simmenauer and David Vidales.

Two famous Italians, officially dancing togetherFerrari Driver Academy / Tony Kart Test
Above: Two famous Italians, officially dancing together (pic - Tony Kart)

Leclerc and Fuoco drove KZ-spec Tony Kart-Vortex while Alesi ran an OK kart. Rain in the afternoon forced drivers onto wets.

Ferrari drivers Andrea Bertolini, Marc Genè and Giancarlo Fisichella took part in this first official test, which opened up the technical cooperation between Ferrari Driver Academy and the Tony Kart Racing Team.

Former F1 World champion Emerson Fittipaldi did not go unnoticed, in South Garda with his son “Emo Jr”, who participated on the day aboard a Mini Rok.

Sebastian Vettel arrived by helicopter in the afternoon and did a lot of laps in the wet aboard an OK-spec Tony Kart-Vortex.

Aussie International commentator Ian Salvestrin got to have a drive too, but it was cut short when the rain started. Read Ian's take on the event and a range of photos (with captions) on his Facebook page HERE.

  • Lots of photos from the test are on the Tony Kart website HERE
  • Plus another gallery on the site HERE

Above: Sebastian Vettel cut laps in the wet until it was almost dark! (pic - Tony Kart)



Roberto Robazzi –OTK Kart Group President

“I would like to thank FDA for choosing us as its partner in karting. As everybody knows, karting represents the starting point for a driver before arriving to single-seaters, so I think that the path we have taken, which will lead young talented drivers from kart, to formula, until professional motorsport, will be followed closely and carefully, both by us and by FDA.

Today we have seen what FDA can do for drivers and in this regard, we will of course do our best too.”

pic - Tony Kart

Massimo Rivola – Ferrari Driver Academy Sporting Director

“First of all I want to thank Roberto Robazzi for what he did and created with Tony Kart over the years and for the agreement with us.

The deal between Tony Kart and FDA aims to make families’ and children’s dreams come true, as it is clear that karting is the right way to start a driver career, pursue it and keeping fit. Just think of what drivers such Bertolini, Genè and Fisichella do, who during their important career, go on training driving kart; this proves that kart is a fundamental training for the driver.

In this respect, it is a great pleasure for me to see a super-champion like Emerson Fittipaldi who is arriving directly from Brazil to take his son “Emo” to test with us.

On a special day like this, kart could not miss on the track and we also wanted to show what FDA drivers do for their physical and mental preparation, bringing also an important tool such the simulator.

Once again, I want to congratulate and thank Roberto for what he is doing."



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