RMCGF - Day 1

  17 October 2016

Team Australia has arrived at Sarno, Italy for the 2016 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals - aka, "the Rotax Worlds".

Above: Team Australia 2016! (Back row, left to right): Joshua Fife, Nathan Tigani, Kris Walton, Scott Howard, Troy Woolston, Cody Gillis, Alec Morse, Dylan Hollis and Lee Mitchener. (Front row, left to right): James Wharton, Hugh Barter, Sebastian Ruiz, Cody Brewczynski and Adam Lindstrom. (pic - BRP-Rotax)

Above: The always spectacular kart lineup at the Rotax Grand Finals - karts as far as you can see (pic - BRP-Rotax)

Above: Official "Day 1" video


Rotax press release

Hello and welcome back to the 17th edition of the prestigious Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF), hosted at the internationally acclaimed Circuito Internazionale Napoli. This year marks the 3rd period of the Grand Finals to be held on Italian soil.

360 drivers travelled from 59 countries to convene at the track to begin the week-long journey of battling for the top step of the podium.

Saturday saw the entrants register for the event.

Vote for the Aussies! This year, teams had a photo taken with the kart lineup. This is the Aussies. Pics of the other teams can be found on Rotax's Facebook HERE. Visit the page and LIKE the photo of the Aussies, and help them win the Team Contest! (pic - BRP-Rotax)

Sunday was the Kart Raffle day, where the competitors where assigned their kart and engine through a random selection process. After receiving their complete Grand Finals package, the karts were pushed back to the driver tent, which can hold more than 500 people, where, in the blistering Napolitan heat, driver and mechanic began working in preparation for their first on-track day, tomorrow.

The Welcome Party will be held tonight, conveniently at the track for all drivers to come together and celebrate the spirit of Rotax karting.

The party also will see the annual Team Contest, with 30 international team entries. Each team will be judged based on the drivers’ team spirit, the uniformity of their team wear and their overall passion for their homeland. Starting Monday you can like which team you favor on Facebook, and the winning team, the one with the most likes on Facebook, along with the jury’s approval, will be announced on Saturday night at the driver’s party.

  • Visit HERE and vote for the Australians with a LIKE!

(pic - BRP-Rotax)

Rotax would also like to extend a warm thank you to its chassis partners – Birel ART, IPKarting (Praga) and Sodikart, as they have worked very hard to contribute to the making of the 17th annual Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Stay tuned for our upcoming daily reports, which bring the intense action of the RMCGF to you! 

(pic - BRP-Rotax)

(pic - BRP-Rotax)




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