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New Date Set For Australian Dirt Kart Title

  26 October 2016

AIDKA has announced the date for the re-run of this year's Australian Dirt Kart Championship that was rained out on the Yorke Peninsula recently.

Friday September 29 to Sunday October 1st in 2017 have been set for the event's race days. Monday October 2 is the rain-out date.

Venue remains the same; the Yorke Peninsula Dirt Kart Club's track at Wallaroo, between Adelaide and Port Pirie.

Following the confirmation, President of the Yorke Peninsula Dirt Kart Club, Tony Dunn, issued the following statement:



Rescheduled for Friday September 29th to Sunday 1st October 2017, Monday 2nd is a rain day if required.

This has been a very trying time for our sport as this have never happened before and I stand by my club as we made every effort to make the titles happen but it was just not meant to be this year.

There has been a lot of discussion on other social media sites since the new dates were released last night.

This wasn't an easy decision to be made by the club and i would like to make some points very clear to the karting community.

Firstly AIDKA executive gave the club the opportunity to set the date for the rescheduled event and the executive approved them. We feel we we have made the best decision for the sport as a whole not just our club. Listed below are some of the points we needed to consider and you may not be aware of.

1. It might suprise you but the club didn't make a profit at this years event and have to find ways to repay our debts to the outstanding creditors.

2. Holding the event close to the SA titles only benefits the interstate travelers and even then we were doubtful as the travelers only have 6 months to save an budget for the events next year and to have a minimum of 2 weeks away won't be cheap as we realize you have all spent a lot of money making the journey this year.

3. Having them so close to each other also makes it hard to finance the officials and stewards for 2 weeks and would impact greatly on title budgets.

4. It would of made sense to have them a week apart as happened in Alice Springs and as Great Southern are doing in 2018 but the 2 clubs next year are 6 hours apart from each other and with only 6 months till the SA Titles we would be competing for nominations leading up and would not help both clubs financially.

5. We realise that other states have titles near the dates for our rescheduled event and both clubs have been given the opportunity to change their dates if they wish as the 2017 calendar has not yet been finalised.

6. The weather, having it early in the year it is still very hot in our region and wouldn't allow time for licence upgrades etc. Any date after the SA titles we run at a great risk of the same result as this year (RAIN) and as we are a country club a big percentage of our volunteers are farm orientated as our the our sporting clubs and groups that helped out this year and they are all busy late October till end of December.

7. We didn't want to run the title less than 12 months from the 2018 Australian Titles to make it fair for Great Southern to be able to host a large event also.

We know we wont be able to please everyone but I hope you can understand this wasn't an easy decision to make. AIDKA executive have been very supportive and helpful through this process and gave us time to get our finances in order and assess our options before we came to the decision on a date for the reschedule of the event.

Tony Dunn
YPDKC President