Gippsland's October Races

  31 October 2016

Those who gave October club day a miss because they were doing other things on the Melbourne Cup 'long weekend', or because it was a terrible weather forecast for race day, missed out on a great event - four races per class with lots of laps in sunny conditions.

The club's final race day for 2016 will be Sunday 27th of November. The club's end-of-year breakup and presentation will be held in the club rooms on Sunday, December 11.

Above: Juniors take the start and head off to turn 1... (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above & Below: where they did this! Bodhi Bright (14), Ben Chapman (15), Zane Bright (8), Nathan Higginson (88) (pics - Steve Dansie)

October Results (overall):

KA4 Junior Light
1st Ben Chapman
2nd Bodhi Bright

KA4 Junior Heavy
1st Nathan Higginson
2nd Zane Bright
3rd Benjamin Moss

KA3 Senior Light
1st Christian Viggiano

KA3 Senior Heavy
1st Mark Wicks
2nd Ryan Aitken
3rd Cameron Correa

Cadet 12
1st Bailey Collins

TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st James Fyfe
2nd Ross Stubbs

TaG 125 Restricted Heavy
1st Frank Schena

TaG 125 Light
1st Andrew Sotiropoulos

TaG 125 Heavy
1st Geoff Wyhoon
2nd Ryan Aitken
3rd David Bishoff


Above: The Bish is back! David Bishoff was 3rd on return in TaG 125 Heavy (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Mark Wicks & Ryan Aitken battle for the KA3 Heavy win (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Bailey Collins was the lone Cadet driver this month (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Ross Stubbs, TaG R Light (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: TaG Light, Andrew Sotiropoulos (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Ryan Aitken won the TaG Heavy final (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: P-Plater Ben Moss, KA3 Junior Heavy (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Frank Schena and Cameron Correa, KA3 Heavy (pic - Steve Dansie)

Above: Zane Bright won the KA3 Junior Heavy final, but Nathan Higginson (88) was top scorer for the day. (pic - Steve Dansie)






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