Tyre Change For TaG & X30 Classes

DPE press release 15 November 2016

Following today’s announcement by Karting Australia that the MG-FZ Yellow Prime tyre (MG Yellow) will be used in competition in 2017 in the TaG 125 and X30 Classes, we would like to advise our customers who race in Tag 125 and X30 as follows:

  • Based on the knowledge at hand in late 2015 DPE recommended to Karting Australia that the MG-HZ Red/White (MG Red/White) was the tyre best suited to these Classes.
  • At that time it was unknown that the introduction of higher grip tyres in all Classes in 2016 would effectively change the track characteristics at race meetings.
    • It became apparent throughout 2016 that the MG Red/White tyre was proving difficult for drivers to work with due to a lack of grip combined with a large drop off in lap time from new to old.
  • Following this feedback, we conducted an extensive testing program over the last 3 months, (over 8 days, on 7 tracks, with 5 drivers, in 3 states) to evaluate several MG tyre specifications to provide karters with a more desirable product.
  • The results from this testing all went well in favour of the MG Yellow tyre.
  • Based on this information (in combination with our knowledge of the testing outcomes from the initial tyre evaluations conducted by Karting Australia in 2015) we made a recommendation to Karting Australia that the TaG 125 and X30 tyres should revert to Karting Australia’s original tyre of choice for these Classes – the MG Yellow.

The test data collected shows that after 150 laps:

  • The MG Red/White had slightly more rubber remaining than did the MG Yellow;
  • The new to old drop off of the MG Yellow was half of the new to old drop off exhibited by the MG Red/White;
    • The MG Yellow had lost 0.3 seconds of lap time whereas the MG Red/White had lost 0.6 seconds of lap time.

In other words, there was much more ‘USEABLE RUBBER’ on the MG Yellow after 150 laps than on the MG Red/White.

Moving the TaG125 and X30 Classes to the MG Yellow tyre will provide competitors in these Classes with improved lap times (depending upon conditions – expected to be from 0.6 second through to 1.0 second) and ensure that these Classes are positioned in the appropriate performance band across all of the Competition Classes.

DPE understands that the Karting Australia Board did not consider this matter lightly but was ultimately convinced to make the change based on our recommendation and what it believes is in the best interest of these Classes and karting competition generally.

The MG Yellow tyre and the MG Red/White tyre are identically priced.

In the near future we will provide you with technical information to ensure you get the best performance and life from your MG Yellow tyres.

Best Regards,
Bart Price | Managing Director


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