Coffs Club Championship - Latest Round

from Troy Brown 16 November 2016

Coffs Harbour Kart Racing Club held the latest round of the club championships in sweltering 35 degree C temperatures on November 6 - it was going to be a long hot day!

Surprisingly, the track was fast as four track records were broken. Tim Aebi was able to shave a bit off his own existing record with a borrowed motor. Ash Campbell was able to put a good lap in after his recent experiences travelling to other tracks. Kai Morgan broke the lap record in his 3rd heat. Seth Brown smashed 1.3 seconds off the existing lap record in his first run with a MiniRok and first meeting off P-plates.

Above: TaG Restricted line up ready for qualifying, Scott Davies (9) and Joseph Woodcock (5) first out

New Lap Records:

  • Cadet 9 - Seth Brown, 49.523 (old record: Jakob Scott, 50.822, set 08/05/16)
  • Cadet 12 - Kai Morgan, 48.708 (old record: Lewis McCartney, 48.908, set 08/05/16)
  • KA4 Junior Light - Ash Campbell, 45.583 (old record: Zak Varley, 46.088, set 08/05/16)
  • TAG 125 Light - Tim Aebi, 44.451 (old record: Tim Aebi, 44.491, set 08/05/16)

Not only was it a round of the club championship, Coffs Kart  Club and the participants with the help of Bartercard, donated the proceeds to The Cancer Council, raising almost $1000 for the charity. A big thankyou to all those that donated, including Coffs Harbour Volunteer Officials who also generously donated as well.

Above: Cadet Fathers look on intensely

Racing was fast and close and as usual TaG Restricted Heavy was the one to watch. There were quite a few drivers that could have won the day, with DNFs and off track excursions mixing up the results. Craig Clark had a tough day with 2 crashes in consecutive heats, requiring the stub axle bolt to be cut out both times.

Cadet 12 was a close battle all day with less than a kart length between Kai and Zane in every race, swapping the race lead numerous times.

The Cadet 9s weren't going to be left out with some clean close racing. Seth, Bryce and Kye all shared wins through the heats, but an unfortunate racing clash between Bryce and Seth sent Seth into the tyre wall - though he bounced back in that heat to finish third. The final started with a tight lead by Bryce but Seth was able to make a pass on the 3rd lap and drove away for a 9sec win.

Above: Cadet 12 Winner Kai Morgan takes the flag closely followed by Zane Morrison


Above: Cadet 9 podium L-R Kye Suffolk, Seth Brown, Bryce Powell

TaG Restricted Light saw the return of Joseph Woodcock after a break and he encounted newcomer Aaron Pitts in his first ever race. There was close racing and heats wins for both b,ut experience prevailed.

Ash Campbell showed Joshua Kerin how to get around the sunny Coffs track with style and speed. Recent trips away to other tracks and competing against other competitive drivers always brings an increase in speed.

The local TaG Light boys were at the usual high level of racing with plenty of clean passing throughout the heats. Craig Fuller unfortunately sucked a rock into the clutch and was unable to complete the final.

Above: TaG Restricted go racing

Above: Cadet 9 Winner Seth Brown took a big 9 sec win in his first race off Ps

Final Results:

Cadet 9
1. Seth Brown
2. Bryce Powell
3. Kye Suffolk

Cadet 12
1. Kai Morgan
2. Zane Morrison

TaG 125 Light
1. Timothy Aebi
2. Luke Collett
3. Craig Fuller

KA4 Junior Light
1. Ash Campbell
2. Joshua Kerin
3. Bailey McMahon

TaG Restricted Light
1. Joseph Woodcock
2. Aaron Pitts
3. Nick Pate

TaG Restricted Heavy
1.Chris Whitton
2.Carl White
3. Scott Davies

Above: Aaron Pitts takes a commanding lead in his very first meeting

Above: TaG Restricted can't all fit into one corner...



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