Coffs Concludes 2016 With 4-Track Challenge

from Troy Brown 8 December 2016

Coffs Harbour Kart Club ran the final meeting of the year last weekend - the Four Track Challenge that featured four heats on four different tracks.

A big challenge and a lot of fun, the day started with hot sticky conditions but was soon replaced with some ugly looking weather. Luckily enough, racing was able to finish with only a few sprinkles of rain.

Racing was of a high standard with no incidents all day. The Coffs track looked amazing as usual and thankyou to the officials who travelled to make this meeting happen.


Above: Sky’s threaten the start of the finals


Above: 2016 Club Champions (L to R) Ash Campbell, Zane Morrison, Seth Brown, Scott Davies, Tim Aebi


KA4 Junior Light
1st        Ash CAMPBELL
2ND      Thomas GALLAGHER
3RD      Zane MORRISON

Cadet 9
1st        Seth Brown
2nd       William Gallagher
3rd       Lachlan Simmons

TaG Res. Heavy
1st        Winston HEYWOOD
2nd       Craig CLARKE
3rd       Carl WHITE

TaG Res. Light
1st        Tim Aebi

KA3 Senior Heavy
1st        Brady Buchanan
2nd       Hayden Buchanan

KA4 Senior Heavy
1st        Michael Buchanan

Cadet 12
1st        Braith Martin


Above: Cadets get ready to race, with the local Seth Brown (5) showing them the way. William Gallagher (33), Braith Martin (99) and Lachlan Simmons (12)

Above: Seniors get ready. Some were praying for rain.

Above: Ash Campbell making an inside pass on Thomas Gallagher to win the day in KA4 Junior Light

Above: Tim Aebi leads the way to win the day and seal the club championship.


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