Preview: Macau Asia-Pacific Championship for KZ

  8 December 2016

Six drivers will be representing Australia and New Zealand this weekend in Macau for the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship for KZ.

Tom Williamson Motorsport is fielding entries for Joshua Fife (Ricciardo/TM), Johnathan Mangos (BirelART/TM), Macauley Jones (CRG/Maxter), Cameron Longmore (CRG/TM) and Kiwi Madeline Stewart (CRG/Maxter). Patrizicorse has Marijn Kremers on Ricciardo/Parilla.

  • results will be posted on the CIK-FIA website HERE


CIK-FIA press release

The CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship for KZ will take place as last year in China, from 8th to 11th December 2016 at the Kartodromo de Coloane in Macao. The holding of this Competition owes much to the will of its organiser, the Automobile General Association Macao-China, which has once again spared no effort. The field, with a slight increase to 28 entries, this year includes 14 nations, distributed equally between Asia and the rest of the world.

The novelty of the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship for KZ in 2016 concerns the tyres and the opportunities spurring the Competition. The drivers may use the tyres of their choice from those approved by the CIK-FIA. They will bring their own tyres with a barcode to Macau and have them registered by the technical commissioners.

The Automobile General Association of Macao-China has done its utmost to cover a significant part of the costs, particularly with regard to accommodation. This initiative attracted six European drivers and five Australians against the three drivers from Macao and five from Hong Kong. The overall standard is expected to be higher than in 2015.

Italy's Francesco Celenta (Formula K / TM Racing) is one of the big favourites after his 2nd place in 2015. The Australians Joshua Fife (Ricciardo Kart / Parilla) and Marijn Kremers (Ricciardo Kart / Parilla), respectively 5th and 6th last year, also know the subject well.

Jorge Pescador (Praga / TM Racing), ranked 8th in the CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, will be closely followed. Of the young Europeans chasing the title, Tom Leuillet (Sodi / TM Racing), 7th in the CIK-FIA International Super Cup for KZ2 at Kristianstad, Kevin Petit (Sodi / TM Racing) and Adrien Renaudin (Sodi / TM Racing) and the Portuguese Yohan Azedo Sousa (CRG / TM Racing) have good potential.

The Indonesian driver S. Noor Senna (Praga / TM Racing), ranked in the top 10 in 2015, Hong Kong driver Jacky Chan Cheuk Hin (CRG / TM Racing), 4th in the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship in 2011, and Macau's Chang Wing Chung (CRG / TM Racing), seem the best equipped of the Asian drivers to aim for the top places.

The Competition can be followed with live-timing on the site. The Prefinal will take place on Sunday 11th December from 10:15 to 10:40 and the Final from 15:15 to 15:45 (UTC + 8).

Entry List - KZ

No. Driver Entrant Equipment
1 Celenta, Francesco Formula K Racing Team Formula K / TM Racing
2 Petit, Kevin Petit, Kevin Sodi / TM Racing
3 Fife, Joshua Williamson, Tom Ricciardo Kart / TM Racing
4 Kremers, Marijn Patrizicorse Ricciardo Kart / Parilla
5 Senna, S. Noor Praga Racing Team Praga / TM Racing
6 Chan Cheuk Hin, Jacky Wai to Racing CRGSPA / TM Racing
7 Chan, Wai Shing Advance Racing Tony Kart / Vortex
8 Mangos, Jonathan Williamson, Tom Birel Art / TM Racing
9 Afonso, Joao CKS Kart Racing Parolin / TM Racing
10 Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael CRG / TM Racing
11 Tan Peng Leong, Simon Tan Peng Leong, Simon Righetti Ridolfi / TM Racing
12 Pu, Jun Jin CKS Kart Racing Parolin / TM Racing
14 Pescador, Jorge Carlos Praga Racing Team Praga / TM Racing
15 Leuillet, Tom Leuillet, Francis Sodi / TM Racing
16 Azedo Sousa, Yohan CRG SpA CRG / TM Racing
17 Chang, Wing Chung Chang, Wing Chung CRG / TM Racing
18 Prette - Junior, Louis Prette - Junior, Louis Sodi / TM Racing
19 Renaudin, Adrien Renaudin, Patrice Sodi / TM Racing
20 Chan, Kwok Ching Advance Racing Tony Kart / Parilla
21 Jones, Macauley Williamson, Tom CRG / Maxter
22 Longmore, Cameron Williamson, Tom CRG / TM Racing
23 Stewart, Madeline Williamson, Tom CRG / Maxter
24 Leong, Hon Chio Advance Racing Tony Kart / Vortex
25 Wong, Hoi Pun Kinglouie Advance Racing Tony Kart / Parilla
26 Tirachaimongkol, Yongboon Tirachaimongkol, Yongboon CRG / TM Racing
27 Cabrera, Gabriel T. Tayao, Maria Karen CRG / TM Racing
28 Ma, Qinghua Ma, Qinghua Sodi / Modena Engines
29 Peng Chew, Chua Element Motorsports MS Kart / TM Racing





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