MyChron5 Supports X2 Link

advertiser promo 8 December 2016

AiM SportSystems Australia has confirmed Mylaps X2 Transponders will connect to MyChron5.

"We would like to inform all our customers and end users of the new transponder system that MyChron5 will communicate and display the information that is available from the X2 Transponders directly to your dash."

This will give the MyChron5 dash new capabilities to display:

  • Official lap times
  • Gaps to the racer ahead/behind
  • Lap number
  • Position in the race
  • Gap to the race leader

Above: MyChron5 showing MyLaps X2 data

To enable the feature on your MyChron5, you will need to ensure you've updated to the current firmware version (downloadable via the Cloud icon in Race Studio 3).

The new X2 Transponder connects to your MyChron5 via the CAN connection (the bottom port) or via your data hub.

"The new transponder will take timing to a new level in Karting" AiM's Ron Burns informed KartSportNews.

If you have any enquiries, contact AiM SportSystems Australia on 0418 424 560.

Live Results on Your Own On-board Display while Racing 

Need to push a little harder on a lap? Does it make sense to close the gap and overtake the competitor in front of you? Or better save your tyres and fuel? X2 Link will help you decide your race tactics during the race.




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