Victorian Karters Of The Year

  14 December 2016

Troy Alger has won the 2016 Victorian Karter Of The Year award for senior drivers. Alger was presented with the perpetual trophy at Karting Victoria's awards night on the weekend.

At the conclusion of each race meeting conducted in Victoria, the officials decide together who they think was the best driver in each category. At the end of the year these votes are tallied up to determine the winners of the Karter of the Year awards.

Victorian Karters Of The Year:

  • Senior (Alan & Raie Choon Trophy) - Troy Alger (Gipsland Go Kart Club)
  • Junior (J.C. Maddox Trophy) - Nicholas Trebilcock (Rochester Kart Club)
  • Cadet 9 (Rene & Barney Smith Trophy) - Harry Arnett (Bendigo) & Jesse Lacey (GKCV) joint winners
  • Cadet 12 (Robotham & Johnson Trophy) - Fletcher Harris (Rochester/Eastern Lions)

Above: Troy Alger, Victorian Karter of the Year with the 'Alan & Raie Choon Trophy' (pic - Alger/Facebook)

The night also saw Life Memberships awarded to Trevor Crane (steward, official and previous Australian Karting President from the Wimmera Kart Club) and Ross Gathercole (Karting Victoria state track inspector from the Mildura Kart Club).

Fran Kelsall received an appreciation award for her services to the sport.

More photos and interviews with the KOTY winners, plus Golden Power Series trophy presentations, can be found on the Karting Victoria website HERE.



2016 Golden Power Series Placings:

KA4 Junior Heavy 
1st place Jack Martin 
2nd place Benjamin D’Alia 
3rd place Jackson Rice

KA3 Senior Light 
1st place Michael Bantick 
2nd place Adam Pasek 
3rd place Christian Viggiano

KA3 Senior Heavy  
1st place Ryan Aitken 
2nd place Thomas French 
3rd place Rodney Capuano

KA3 Junior  
1st place Taine Venables 
2nd place Domenic Romeo 
3rd place David Huezo

TaG 125 Masters 
1st place Geoff Wyhoon 
2nd place Ian Branson 
3rd place Brendan Myors

Cadet 12  
1st place Bronson Boult 
2nd place Bailey Collins 
3rd place (tied) Jake Cuschieri & Nicholas Sacco

TAG 125 Light  
1st place Troy Alger 
2nd place Daniel Pegg 
3rd place Curt Sera

TAG 125 Restricted Super Heavy  
1st place Martin Golledge 
2nd place Sarah Burt 
3rd place Joe Brancati

TAG 125 Heavy  
1st place Scott Cole 
2nd place Christopher Harvey 
3rd place Billy Guttler

TAG 125 Restricted Masters  
1st place Daryl Buck 
2nd place Simon Phillips 
3rd place Leigh Richardson

Cadet 9  
1st place Aryton Filippi 
2nd place Caleb Spence 
3rd place Digby Parkinson

KA4 Junior Light  
1st place Nicholas Trebilcock 
2nd place Adam Campbell 
3rd place Liam Hall

TAG 125 Restricted Light  
1st place Brayden Flood 
2nd place Gerry Westerveld 
3rd place Billy Westerveld

TAG 125 Restricted Heavy  
1st place (tied) Beau Humphrey & Blair Van Ree 
2nd place Matthew Stefano 
3rd place Casey Fenton


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