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  28 December 2016

For the second year running, CRG teamed with the Motorsport Technical School to run a two-day professional karting mechanics course at Monza.

Above: Students in the classroom at Monza

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A total of 20 students had the chance to attend an interesting mechanics course in the lecture rooms of the Autodrome of Monza. They also learnt the techniques of professional karting with the support of CRG and its experienced technicians. The Italian manufacturer brought in fact on track karts and tools for students to test and have a direct experience with all the components of a real racing kart.


Students have been introduced to the world of karting through a theoretical/technical 4 hours long lecture given by Marco Urbinati (CRG Racing Team’s Track Engineer and Developing Engineer of Electric Karts). CRG’s technician opened his lecture with some hints on the history of karting, before discussing the functioning of karts and the effects of setup changes on performance. Urbinati and Kyle More (Professional Mechanic of CRG Racing Team) then demonstrated one by one all the intervention procedures shown in the lecture room on a CRG kart.

pics - CRG

On day two, students got to the action on CRG karts. Urbinati, Moore and Karol Lubas (junior Mechanic of CRG Racing Team) helped three groups of students in the morning to practice all the procedures described the previous day. This allowed students to get a hands-on understanding of the difficulties and correct steps to go through for each action in total safety. In the afternoon, students practiced tires fitting on rims and un-fitting, which is quite a tricky task if one does not know the right technique.

The day ended with a PitStop challenge in which the groups of students competed to be the fastest to correctly replace tires and fuel tank, as happens in Endurance Kart events. The victory went to Team Guida Corse, which was rewarded with the t-shirt celebrating the 25th Anniversary of CRG.

A big thank you for this great initiative goes to the school’s manager Eugenia Capanna and to her collaborators. They created a reality in which young karting enthusiasts can get a direct experience with their passion and, perhaps, start a new career in professional karting.

Above: Students attending the course held by MTS in collaboration with CRG



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