Survey Result: Push-back Bumpers

  3 January 2017

Just prior to Christmas we ran a Survey "Should KA move to introduce push-back bumpers for 2017?" (see the push-back bumper survey and interview with Kip Foster HERE).

Just under 74% of respondents answered Yes, with over 53% saying the devices should come in across the board in all classes at all levels of the sport. 25% answered No.

This result differs quite a bit from a similar survey that ran 6 months earlier. In June 2016, nearly 55% said No and only 17% said Yes across all classes.

The survey allowed participants to submit their own answer. Some of the comments went along the lines of wait until 2018; there will be too many 'brake checks'; all bodywork should be banned; plus some entertaining assumptions about a single-supplier control item with massive markup...

Karing Australia confirmed on December 20 that the push-back bumpers will be mandatory in this year's Australian Kart Championship.


Above: Push-back Bumper survey result. Almost 500 people submitted a vote.




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