Hossack To Leave DPE Kart Technology

  23 January 2017

Longtime employee and current Race Team Manager Darren Hossack will be leaving DPE Kart Technology - but it’s likely to be a gradual and drawn out affair!

After 20 years with the company, Hossack has decided it’s time for a change.

He has started to make race car components for more than just himself and close friends and will initially operate Hossack Motorsport Services from the shed at home.

Above: Christmas holidays and Hossack is still at a kart track! Darren helping his Godson into the sport, five-and-half-year-old Cruz (pic - Hoss/Facebook)

“I’m not looking to compete against Triple Eight or the Brown Davis type of people” Hoss told KartSportNews.

“But if someone needs some aluminum welding or some pedals made or shielding or an exhaust or whatever, and doesn’t have the time or money to go elsewhere...

While transitioning into the fabrication business, Hossack will continue driver training (with Driving Dynamics) and will still be a regular at the kart track.

He will be easing out of his role at DPE over the next three to six months, but will still be attending all the Australian Kart Championship rounds plus several other events.

"I needed to give Bart (Price) some notice, but I sorta wasn’t really ready to do this full time yet. Then I thought, I should just tell them now. There’ve been fantastic to me and so thought I should give them four to six months heads up. If someone comes and gets the job under control in four, then so be it.

“Working out of the new building, my job has changed a little, so it’s a perfect time to bring a new guy in and train them in the way things are going to be done in the future.

“It’s probably a bigger role than most people realise. There’s what people see at the track, but there’s also a lot of stuff back at the factory and afterhours.

“We have an AKC plan and I’ll still mechanic for the guys I was originally going to, and drive the truck, work on prototypes etc in the interim.”


So, what was the catalyst to making the decision?

“I went on holidays and started doing some work on a mate’s Group N Torana. I put photos of the stuff I made on Facebook and then started getting messages from people wanting work done.

“Also on my mind was that my dad started building the Audi (race car) when he was in his sixties. I started thinking that was a shame (that he’d started so late), so maybe it was time for me to move on to something else.

“Karting’s pretty intense and you work so hard to get the results DPE want. (But) I want to relax a bit more and see where it goes. There is a plan, I’m not just gonna just sit at home!

“I still love karting, the racing and the competition. It’s the best racing I’ve ever done, I’m passionate about building an Australian product and love the job and working for DPE. But am I going to do this for another 20 years?

“I’m not a money driven person. I wake up and do what I enjoy, and I still enjoy karting; it’s the best form of motorsport there is.

“If Bart needs me and I’ve got time to help – as I said, I haven’t shut the book on karting. If they need a mechanic, I’m there.

“Just Monday to Friday, I want to be doing something else.”


The Hoss

  • Age: 46

  • Started working at Drew Price Engineering in 1990. Stayed there for six years before moving to Garry Dumbrell’s team for another six years (racing V8 Supercars and running future Bathurst winner Paul in karts).
  • Returned to DPE full time in 2003 while racing for FPR.
  • Multiple Australian Champion in Sprint karts, Superkarts and Sports Sedans.
  • Despite breaking his knees in a speedway crash in 2015 (“My knees ache now and I battle with the steps in the truck, but that’s just life”) he plans on doing more speedway in the future.

    Above: 2008 - Two Australian Championships in one year. (pic - Hoss/Facebook)



Appreciation by David Sera

“Behind every race win is a great team & I've been very fortunate to have some amazing supporters in my corner throughout my career.

A big reason for me being able to win National, State & championships around the World is because of this man next to me, Darren Hossack. Today he announced he'd be leaving the DPE Kart Technology in due course and I can't thank him enough for his dedication towards my racing.

Hoss has given up so much of his time, put his heart & soul into the preparation & made sure everything was always perfect, all to see the DPE team & myself winning races.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours Hoss and thanks again for sacrificing your time & energy into my racing. We'll enjoy some red cruisers away from the track now!”

Above: David Sera and Darren Hossack (pic - Sera/Facebook)



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