Lithgow To Be Resurfaced

  3 February 2017

The Combined Districts Kart Club's track at Lithgow is about to be resurfaced.

The works will commence immediately after the race meeting at the venue on Sunday, February 19 (Round 1 CDKC Club Championship and DD2 Series). It is expected the track will be out of action unitl late March (see below).

The resurface will cover the complete race track (not the cut through), the entrance to the in grid (about 10 metres short of tyre barrier), all of the out grid (everything under the roof) and the side of the out grid (canteen side that is currently gravel).

"This will disrupt the availability of the track for a few weeks and we will need some help from our members to try to make this happen in the most efficient and economical way" the club posted on its website.

  • The club has published a detailed explanation of how classes will be grouped on race days this year. "The club is supportive of the new structure and supports the inclusion of all eligible karts to race at our meetings. We are also very conscious of giving all of our entrants value for money and a great experience at our race meetings." Read more on the club's website HERE



Schedule of Works:

  • Straight after February 19 race meeting
    • Pull down start lights across track
    • Level and prepare canteen side of out grid for surfacing
  • Monday February 20 – Monday February 27
    • All ripple strips on outside of kerbs to be removed
    • New concrete ripple strips to CIK spec installed on outside of track where required (aprox 400 lineal metres)
  • Tuesday February 28 to Friday March 3
    • Track re surface
  • After March 3
    • Line making and painting ripple strips and curbs, inner and outer track boundaries, start line, finish line, no-mans land, formation line, baulk line, grid markings on out grid and grid makings on track for standing starts
    • Ripple strips need to set for 2 weeks before painting
    • Re-contour run offs and gravel traps
    • General tidy up
  • March 25
    • Track re-opens for use (subject to all the above going to plan)
  • Sunday April 2
    • Cols Castle Cup and Round 2 CDKC Club Championship


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